Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Bed's Mine!

When Menow first came, we felt so sorry for him because he was old, his teeth were bad and had to be pulled, he was declawed on all fours, and he had asthma and allergies! Now, that's almost too much for one kitty to bear, but on top of that, he is always cold. So, he now has a baby bed with a heated pad and several super soft baby blankets. He adores this bed and you never come in that he's not in it. Now, he and Rudolph are best buddies even with the age difference. When Rudolph goes careening around the room, Menow gets into the act in a slower and slightly more arthritic way. But when it comes to that bed...
He's in my bed. Look at him, the big lunk. He's in my bed. I've got to go talk to that Mom Person. "Get him out! Get him out!" I'll just go over here and get in the bed anyway. That'll show him. He'll get out then.
"Scoot over, Punk. This is my bed. Don't lick my face! You have tuna breath! Stop hogging the bed! No, no! I don't want my face washed! Wash your own face! Stop!"
Hmm-mm, that actually feels pretty good. Okay, you can wash my face. Don't forget the eyes.
Let me remind you, Rudolph, that this is my bed and you can only be here when I say so. What? You like this bed? Don't get too attached, buster, because it's mine. It is warmer in here when we're together. Okay, you can sleep her as long as you don't kick.
No, I don't snore! I have allergies! You can always leave, you know. It is MY bed. I'd almost rather sleep with that fat torti, but I guess that's out of the question since I chased her around the room and made her hiss at me. I just like to watch that fat little butt with no tail wiggle.
"Scoot over, Rudolph! You can't have the whole bed! I'm telling on you if you don't stop!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Talk about big feet! Hemingway definitely lives up to his name with his six toes on every foot. When he pads around the room, it seems like his feet are just slapping on the floor. He's a pretty big guy anyway, and with his oversized feet, he is quite a presence. The other cats don't know what to make of him, but he ignores them except for Rudolph who is fascinated. Rudolph is desperate for a playmate, so he follows him around swiping at his butt then looking innocently away when Hemmie whirls around. It's easy to see that Rudolph want Hemmie to chase him, but it may be more than he bargains for. Hemmie outweighs him by about ten pounds. Every once in a while, Hemmie and Rudolph will sit back on their haunches and box. We haven't heard any negative "conversations" but we're watching those boys. Hemmie is so interested in everything you have to wonder what his life was like before he was turned in to animal control...
That cat better not touch my butt not one more time! I'm going to turn around and box his ears. He thinks I don't know he's back there, stalking me, but I know just what he's doing. There's this other big cat behind the couch, but I'm not sure about him. He's awfully big and kinda quiet, so I better leave him alone. He might be a wus, but he might not. I don't want to lose face here by getting whupped up on! Here that Rudolph cat comes again, sneaking around trying to smack my butt. I'm gonna get him... Hmm-mm. He don't back off none, and his legs are as long as mine so I didn't get a good punch in. That was kinda fun, but I'm not letting him know. Gotta be cool, 'specially since I'm the new kid on the block. WHAT WAS THAT? Was that a cat? Is there such a thing as a spidercat? A catspider? They're calling it "Menow" but I swear it moves like a spider. And those eyes! That thing is 'bout half my size, but I don't know... he's pretty scary. Dang! He got my butt again! Okay, that's it! Let's get it on, buddy! Your name may be Rudolph, but I'm gonna make it Mud!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We couldn't call him Hitler, but that's the first thing you think when you see him because of his black mustache. But his personality is definitely not Hitleresque. His nickname is Pigpen because no matter how much you brush his fur, he just seems to be having a bad hair day! We try not to let him hear us call him that because he is such a good boy. When you pick him up, there's not a lot there, but he has such a good heart! He loves all the other cats, but his first love is canned food. Our guess is that he didn't get much food at all in his previous life, but it sure hasn't made him hold a grudge. Churchill was shot in the foot by his former owner's son, and it didn't make much difference to anybody in the family that he was suffering. After some surgery, he is doing wonderful, and we can't wait till someone falls in love with him. He likes to watch all the activity, but you have to wonder what he thinks about it all...
Pigpen. I know that's what they call me. They think I don't hear them, but how can I not? They're so loud! But I don't care what they call me as long as they keep that good food coming. I have to hurry up and eat mine or that big lunk Rudolph will come and try to take all the food. He puts that big paw on my face and pushes me away. If that doesn't work, he slides a sneaky foot into my bowl and pulls it toward him. They all think I'm the glutton, but it's Rudolph. In fact, he's the root of all evil here. He's the reason they can never find the rugs when they come in. Because of him, all the toys are under things or lost, and nobody gets to play with them. He hogs the cat trees. Attention: Everything in here does NOT belong to Rudolph! And that Menow. He's got everybody fooled. He's always after Paisley, and he's rude about it. He calls her "that fat torti." I just try to stay out of the way and not cause trouble. I have to say, though, I do like my perch in the sun. That is until Rudolph lands on top of me. But, this is a great place because everybody is good to me. My foot feels so much better, and I don't ever have to worry about being shot at again. Life is good even with Rudolph.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poor Angus! What people do to cats is amazing - amazingly cruel! Angus is a beautiful red tabby Maine Coon with long fur and huge eyes that watch you all the time. He is very shy, and when we got him, he hid for over two weeks. He wouldn't eat and lost weight. We called his previous owners, but they were uninterested in any problems he was having. He was a heartbroken guy. Did I mention that Angus is eleven years old, has a small heart murmur, and has only ever been in that one home? When we got him from animal control, he was so traumatized we were afraid he would get sick. You can imagine how relieved we were when one day he eased carefully out from behind the couch, approached timidly with eyes glued to my face, and rubbed on my hands! Since then, he has slowly started to trust again. He gained a half pound in a week, and he interacts with the other cats now. Rudolph of course bugs him trying to get him to play. Cookie ignores him, Taffy struts by him with her little nose in the air, and Menow pretends he doesn't exist. We have high hopes that someone will see Angus and fall in love with him and give him a truly forever home! As for Angus, well, he keeps his own counsel...
When people meet me, they always think that because I'm so big I must be brave. Why does everyone want me to be the baddest boy on the block? Haven't they ever heard of the cowardly lion? Well, he's my cousin. It runs in the family. When my family dumped me at animal control, I thought it was all over, and to be honest, I almost wished it was! I was so scared with dogs barking, strange people everywhere, and no one to hold me and tell me I was safe. Horrible! Then I came here, and while it was much better, I was still scared. All these strange cats that do strange things! There's that "thing" called Rudolph that whizzes all over the place, leaps from couch to chair to cat tree, and just about everytime, splats on the floor when he misses. You'd think he'd learn, but not him. There he goes again. Then there's that stuck up Menow. He guards that heated bed like it's his throne. Who made him king? Just because he has no claws and no teeth, they treat him like he's gold. I guess you have to get really old to get a little respect around here. They don't see how he is when they're gone. Now, Taffy is a fine little torti, and I know she likes me. She always manages to strut close by me when she could go clear across the room. She thinks I don't notice. Cookie is an okay guy. He don't bother nobody, but that fur of his! What is he thinking? I just can't imagine who they're going to drag in here next. Maybe what this really is is a home for wayward cats. Hmm-mm. What does that say about me? I have to say things are getting better. It's not so scary here, and I get lots of rubs and kisses, but I just wonder if anybody will ever want an older guy for their forever friend?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Then there's Menow. Fifteen years old, declawed on all four feet, two teeth left, asthma, allergies, and left at animal control in Franklin County, a kill shelter. The biggest eyes you've ever seen on a cat, and the sweetest personality imaginable. Loving and affectionate, he will break your heart. When we got him home, we discovered that this boy adores people, cuddles with you as long as you will let him, and loves toys. He also adores Rudolph. The two of them clean each others' faces, and Menow will play with Rudolph even though he looks like an old man with creaky joints and arthritis. We can't tell if he wants to play or if he just loves Rudolph. Menow is always cold, so he has a bed with a heating pad. Rudolph will put two feet into Menow's bed and let him clean his face. Sometimes, they lay in the bed together.
How could someone take him to animal control? He's a purebred Burmese, but who cares? When we took him to the vet, they said his teeth were in such bad shape he needed to come in and have them pulled, hence the two teeth. He felt so much better after that, he started eating dry food and tormenting Taffy. He has trouble not falling off the couch since he can't hang on, but that doesn't stop him from coming to sit on your chest and snuggle. But, then he gets this evil little gleam in his eye...
Hmm- mm. They think I'm a decrepit old man, but I've got them right where I want them. I've got the "pitiful" look down pat, and it works every time. I keep messing up though because I just can't resist going after that torti. Yeah, she's got claws, but I've got attitude! I've put that silly girl on the run, and I just love to see her dash across the floor and scoot up that cat tree. If I had my claws, she'd never get away! I've got to be careful, though, because if they think I'm being mean, it will ruin all that special attention I'm getting. I've got one of them fooled completely, but the other, well, she's beginning to see through my disguise. I'm going to have go "secret squirrel" in my quest to win dominance over that fat torti. Oh, oh, someone's coming. Let me get in my heated bed and look weak and cold. They are so gullible.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rudolph: Our First Rescue

He came right before Christmas, hence the name. He had been at animal control since August living in a small cage, wondering, I'm sure, if this was what the rest of his life would be like. Now, picture this young boy dashing madly from room to room, careening around corners, jumping for the furniture, missing, and never missing a beat! If happiness can be seen in behavior, then Rudolph is joy in action. He "helps" you do everything from cleaning litter boxes, to fixing food, to caring for other kitties, to... well, you get the idea: Rudolph is involved. I was trying to take a picture the other day of another foster, and Rudolph was climbing all over my head, kissing me in the face, flopping over in front of me, dragging himself up my leg. He adores other cats, loves every toy he sees, claims all furniture and cat trees for himself (but is willing to share), and follows you around like a dog. We keep trying to put some weight on him, but he has a lesson for us all: exercise keeps you slim and trim! One thing is a little puzzling: he is terrified of men. When a man comes in, he hides, and believe me, this is not like Rudolph. We wonder what happened to create this fear...
Hi, I'm Rudolph! My story may not have had a happy beginning, but it's got a great ending! I was abandoned at a kill shelter, and I don't know why. I lived there for what seemed like an eternity, but life is good, good, good! There are all kinds of other kitties here to play with, well, sometimes they don't want to play with me, but I keep trying! There were two kittens here, and oh my! What fun we had! They're gone now, but surely they'll be back. We have these rug things in here, and let me tell you, they are the very best sleds ever! You can slide clear across the room. Oh, and there's this house thing that if I run really fast and dive through the door, it will go scooting across the floor with me in it! How cool is that? My mamas say I'm busy, but I just have a lot of lost time to make up for. There are things to explore, cats to aggravate, people to love, food to eat and eat and eat, birds to watch, toys to play with, and a great big world just waiting for me! While I wait for my forever family, I'm a happy, happy boy!