Thursday, January 29, 2009


Talk about big feet! Hemingway definitely lives up to his name with his six toes on every foot. When he pads around the room, it seems like his feet are just slapping on the floor. He's a pretty big guy anyway, and with his oversized feet, he is quite a presence. The other cats don't know what to make of him, but he ignores them except for Rudolph who is fascinated. Rudolph is desperate for a playmate, so he follows him around swiping at his butt then looking innocently away when Hemmie whirls around. It's easy to see that Rudolph want Hemmie to chase him, but it may be more than he bargains for. Hemmie outweighs him by about ten pounds. Every once in a while, Hemmie and Rudolph will sit back on their haunches and box. We haven't heard any negative "conversations" but we're watching those boys. Hemmie is so interested in everything you have to wonder what his life was like before he was turned in to animal control...
That cat better not touch my butt not one more time! I'm going to turn around and box his ears. He thinks I don't know he's back there, stalking me, but I know just what he's doing. There's this other big cat behind the couch, but I'm not sure about him. He's awfully big and kinda quiet, so I better leave him alone. He might be a wus, but he might not. I don't want to lose face here by getting whupped up on! Here that Rudolph cat comes again, sneaking around trying to smack my butt. I'm gonna get him... Hmm-mm. He don't back off none, and his legs are as long as mine so I didn't get a good punch in. That was kinda fun, but I'm not letting him know. Gotta be cool, 'specially since I'm the new kid on the block. WHAT WAS THAT? Was that a cat? Is there such a thing as a spidercat? A catspider? They're calling it "Menow" but I swear it moves like a spider. And those eyes! That thing is 'bout half my size, but I don't know... he's pretty scary. Dang! He got my butt again! Okay, that's it! Let's get it on, buddy! Your name may be Rudolph, but I'm gonna make it Mud!

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