Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Then there's Menow. Fifteen years old, declawed on all four feet, two teeth left, asthma, allergies, and left at animal control in Franklin County, a kill shelter. The biggest eyes you've ever seen on a cat, and the sweetest personality imaginable. Loving and affectionate, he will break your heart. When we got him home, we discovered that this boy adores people, cuddles with you as long as you will let him, and loves toys. He also adores Rudolph. The two of them clean each others' faces, and Menow will play with Rudolph even though he looks like an old man with creaky joints and arthritis. We can't tell if he wants to play or if he just loves Rudolph. Menow is always cold, so he has a bed with a heating pad. Rudolph will put two feet into Menow's bed and let him clean his face. Sometimes, they lay in the bed together.
How could someone take him to animal control? He's a purebred Burmese, but who cares? When we took him to the vet, they said his teeth were in such bad shape he needed to come in and have them pulled, hence the two teeth. He felt so much better after that, he started eating dry food and tormenting Taffy. He has trouble not falling off the couch since he can't hang on, but that doesn't stop him from coming to sit on your chest and snuggle. But, then he gets this evil little gleam in his eye...
Hmm- mm. They think I'm a decrepit old man, but I've got them right where I want them. I've got the "pitiful" look down pat, and it works every time. I keep messing up though because I just can't resist going after that torti. Yeah, she's got claws, but I've got attitude! I've put that silly girl on the run, and I just love to see her dash across the floor and scoot up that cat tree. If I had my claws, she'd never get away! I've got to be careful, though, because if they think I'm being mean, it will ruin all that special attention I'm getting. I've got one of them fooled completely, but the other, well, she's beginning to see through my disguise. I'm going to have go "secret squirrel" in my quest to win dominance over that fat torti. Oh, oh, someone's coming. Let me get in my heated bed and look weak and cold. They are so gullible.

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