Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Bed's Mine!

When Menow first came, we felt so sorry for him because he was old, his teeth were bad and had to be pulled, he was declawed on all fours, and he had asthma and allergies! Now, that's almost too much for one kitty to bear, but on top of that, he is always cold. So, he now has a baby bed with a heated pad and several super soft baby blankets. He adores this bed and you never come in that he's not in it. Now, he and Rudolph are best buddies even with the age difference. When Rudolph goes careening around the room, Menow gets into the act in a slower and slightly more arthritic way. But when it comes to that bed...
He's in my bed. Look at him, the big lunk. He's in my bed. I've got to go talk to that Mom Person. "Get him out! Get him out!" I'll just go over here and get in the bed anyway. That'll show him. He'll get out then.
"Scoot over, Punk. This is my bed. Don't lick my face! You have tuna breath! Stop hogging the bed! No, no! I don't want my face washed! Wash your own face! Stop!"
Hmm-mm, that actually feels pretty good. Okay, you can wash my face. Don't forget the eyes.
Let me remind you, Rudolph, that this is my bed and you can only be here when I say so. What? You like this bed? Don't get too attached, buster, because it's mine. It is warmer in here when we're together. Okay, you can sleep her as long as you don't kick.
No, I don't snore! I have allergies! You can always leave, you know. It is MY bed. I'd almost rather sleep with that fat torti, but I guess that's out of the question since I chased her around the room and made her hiss at me. I just like to watch that fat little butt with no tail wiggle.
"Scoot over, Rudolph! You can't have the whole bed! I'm telling on you if you don't stop!

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