Monday, February 9, 2009

George and Henry

Talk about a gentle giant! That description fits George to a T. There has never been a sweeter, more loving boy, and he shows it every time he sees you. If you're not careful, he'll head butt you so hard it hurts. But he never means to. He craves attention and gives it in return. George may be a really big boy, but in his heart, he's a very gentle soul. He has no trouble with any other cat, male or female. He likes to play and adores finding a sunny window to curl up in. Henry is also a big boy, but he needs George's confidence to help him along. They sleep together, eat together, play together, and who knows what they talk about at night! George and brother Henry were sad for a long time, but they're happy now and waiting for someone to come along and fall in love with them. Their mom had to go into a homeless shelter, and they couldn't go. It looked bad for them, but then we decided they were just too special to end up in a kill shelter, and we were right! They are special! Henry is shy, but George takes care of him, and he manages the other cats as well...
"Here comes Rudolph...again. Good, he got distracted by the toy... again. Whoops! He's coming this way... again. Ah... a detour into the bathroom. Good thing he's got ADHD 'cause I'm headed into the front room to get that perch in the sun. Come on, Henry! Don't be a baby! "
"Wait, George! Wait! I'm coming! Let me stay beside you. Don't let Hemmie pounce on me with his big feet! I think he's got boxing gloves on. "
"Watch it, Hemmie. We're coming through. Hi there, Miss Taffy. You sure are lookin' good today. Henry, tell Taffy hi. She's a babe!"
"Hi, Taffy. Where did Hemmie go? I don't like his big feet, and he jumps so high! Look out, George! Here he comes! Ha! Rudolph got him. Look at them go!"
"Henry, look! Here come the people! Good, good, good! I can't wait! I LOVE people! Let me get ready for a kiss and a smooch. Come on, Henry! Let's get ready. We'll be first to get picked up and kissed. I LOVE people! "

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