Saturday, February 14, 2009

Girls Rule! (Taffy Speaks)

Oh my goodness! These boys are just so annoying! They really need to get another girl in here to help me put these guys in their place. You just can't imagine some of the things they do. Take Menow. He's the worst. He sits over there in his heated bed and tries to look all pitiful when he is really such a snob. He chases me all the time, but just let him hear someone coming, and he dashes back to his chair and somehow manages to look like he might die at any moment. I can't STAND him! Rudolph is such a child. He goes everywhere at ninety miles an hour! I swear his feet have wings, but he does have a good heart. He never bothers me, not any more. He knows his place now. Angus is such a handsome dude, I can hardly stand it. I've got to figure out a way to get him to notice me. I can't wiggle my butt much more, or it might fall off! Hmm-mm. I do think that fluffy boy is gorgeous! And those eyes! To die for!
I'm glad Hemmie is gone. His feet were too big. Now, my feet are perfect. They're dainty and cute, just like the rest of me. I have the most luxurious fur! I have to say, I prefer people. I am just purrrrfect for rubbing, and if you forget, I'll remind you with a gentle tap. Maybe I could be therapy cat? I'd be really good at it!

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