Friday, February 20, 2009

In Memory of Farley

We don't know where you came from. We don't know your story. At some time, we hope, someone loved you. For some reason, you touched so many hearts, Farley, and while most of the people who were there for you at the end never even saw you, you WERE loved. You brought people together who don't really know each other, but we were united in trying to save you. When you cross the Rainbow Bridge, know that many people are crying a little tonight because you had a second chance at having a wonderful life and that was snatched away. We mourn you, Farley, and we celebrate you not only because you were you, but because you are a symbol of everything we are trying to change. Whatever happened to you along the way, we will believe that you once had a home, that you had a sunny window to sit in, a loving hand to rub you, and a warm bed to sleep in. You will make all of us try a little harder to save those cats out there who are struggling everyday to survive, who may be hurt and alone, and those who just need a second chance. For just a little while this week, you made us all feel good about doing something that mattered. We were a part of something that has great meaning to all of us, and it was because we looked at your picture, and our hearts broke.
We know you are at peace now, Farley. The pain is gone, and we will see you again across the Rainbow Bridge.
From all those who loved you and tried so hard to help you:
Lawanna, Dianne, Donna, Jeannie, Maryanne, Mary, Tia, Kim, Viv, Susan , Jennifer, Marie, Stella, Erica, Beverly, Kate, Talena, and Dr. Nicky Young and her staff. Bon Voyage!

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  1. Yes, Im crying tonight because of Farley. I cannot tell you how much I hurt because he did not get his second chance. I am so thankful to all that could help. I am a college student, and do not currently have a job. If in the future, if there is anything I can do to help with the rescue...please email me at Thank you again to everyone who helped him out. Im sure he is looking down and thankful to everyone.


    Rebecca Hilton