Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Just Arrived!

Hi, I'm Cosmo, and this is Astro, my brother. We just got here a few days ago, and we are happy to be out of the very bad place. Life has been tough for awhile for us, and we're not sure why. We loved our first home, but then we found out that Dad was going to Iraq. But we knew he loved us, so we weren't too worried. We moved over to one of his friend's house, and things were okay at first. But then the baby came, and suddenly, we were in a little cage in a place where people were not always nice to us. We thought maybe Dad would come and get us, but instead, someone brought us here, and I have to say, this is pretty okay. There are other cats here: Rudolph is a mess, but I think he just wants to be friends. He needs to stop following me around and hitting my butt. Menow is just weird. He looks weird, he acts weird, and he walks weird. Angus is one big boy! He's okay, but he sure is big and fluffy. George is big too, but he's a cream puff. Henry, George's brother is all right, and Taffy, well she is as cute as a button, but she don't take nothing off nobody! Me and Astro spent two days hiding in the bathroom cabinet, but I've given him the all clear sign now, so we are moving on out and casing the joint. We're taking over just as soon as we get the lay of the land. Too bad we don't have front claws, or we would stage a coup right now. Okay, we'll get back to you later. I see that sunny perch is open and it's going to be mine, mine, mine!

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