Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camille Finds a Home - Jealousy Rules!

"Hey guys! Guess what? Camille found a home! She left yesterday with her new mom. Isn't that wonderful?"
"George! Are you serious? That's fabulous! I have to admit though, I'm jealous."
"Taffy, just hang on. Your turn will come. Someone is bound to see you and know you are just the perfect cat for them."
"What about you, George? Aren't you just a little sad that no one has shown up and wanted you and Henry?"
"No, we'll be okay. I just keep my spirits up by remembering that I have been lucky for nine years when sometimes kitties don't get even half that. Me and Henry were two of the lucky ones, and I know that we will get lucky again. We just have to wait for that special someone to come along that wants two BIG black and white boys. Until then, I'll be patient."
"Well, I've never had a home of my own, so I'm jealous. I wonder why no one ever wants me? Do you really think I'll get a real home someday, George? You always seem so sure."
"Guys, don't let it get you down. You are as special as any cat here. You'll see. There might be somebody right now reading about you Taffy, and you, Rudolph, and the next thing you know, you'll be heading off to a new home. Even Menow has someone interested in him, and he's fifteen years old! It can happen."
"Thanks, George. You always make me feel better. Let's be happy for Camille. Poor girl. She couldn't hear a thing we said! I wonder if she's sleeping with her new mom tonight? Wow! Wouldn't that be great! I can't wait for a real home!"
"Okay, who wants to do the speech? Rudolph? Taffy? Astro? You want to do it, Henry? Okay, go for it!"
"Congratulations, Camille, on your new home! We'll miss you, but we are sooooooooo happy for you. Tell your new mom to give you lots of treats, and don't forget about us here!

Congratulations, Whitney, on your adoption of Camille! Thank you for
choosing a rescue cat Everyone is cheering for you and Camille!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just What is a Siamese Cat?

"George, what's a Siamese? Is it those funny colored cats like that Mama in there in that room? She has two babies, so I'm staying away from her, but I keep hearing about them."
"Astro, Cosmo, it's just a kind of cat. Kinda like Menow there. You know, he's certain breed of cat. With him, it's Burmese."
"Well, what are we? What's our breed? I've never heard those Mom People call us any particular kind of cat. Mostly what I hear is "Cosmo, get down! Cosmo, stop it! I don't think that's a breed of cat."
"If you would quit being so nosy, you wouldn't get screamed at all the time! You know what you did the other day. You knocked everything off the shelves in the laundry room, then you tried to act all innocent. Everybody knew it was you!"
"Okay, Judgey Wan-Kanobi! Mr. Perfect! You never do anything wrong! All I ever hear is how wonderful George and Henry are! Well, me and Astro like to have fun, and what's fun is exploring! I'm gonna go on a field trip first chance I get. I'm gonna discover things! But anyway, what breed of cat are we?"
"We're all domestic short-hairs. Except Macie is a domestic long-hair, and I think her babies are gonna be that, too."
"Is that a good breed? Are we special? We all look different, so how can we all be the same? Menow looks real different with those spooky eyes and snotty attitude, and all those Siamese look alike, but we're all different. What's up with that?"
"Well, we have different colors, but we really are a breed. We are special! Don't let anybody tell you different!"
"Let's make Rudolph go in there and look at all those Siamese cats. If he don't get beat up, then the rest of us can go. He'll do it. You tell him to go, George. He'll listen to you!"
"Hey, Rudolph! Come here! George has something to tell you!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They're Everywhere! Somebody Save Us!

"Okay, this has gone too far. They're everywhere! Kittens in the bathroom - both bathrooms now, and they say they have even more. What in the world are they thinking? All these Mama Cats with babies! We are NOT a home for wayward kitties!"
"Taffy, you're just jealous because these are some hot Mamas! Macie and Hayley and that babe they brought in today - mmm -mmm! Somebody called her a "Siamese" whatever that is. All I know is that she is one pretty girl!"
"Rudolph, you disgust me! You are just looking for a pretty face! That Siamese momma would whip your behind in a flash. You better not look at her babies! Remember what happened to Astro!"
"Yeah, Rudolph! Don't think it can't happen to you! I was walking across the floor minding my own business, and the next thing I knew, I was rolling on the floor and something was ripping out my fur! Watch out for those Momma Cats no matter how pretty they are. They are not nice."
"Okay, gang, here it is. We've got Macie in there with her six rats. Hayley's in there with her three rats, and now there's Siamese Momma with her three tiny rats. Did I hear someone say they're two bigger kittens about 5 months old?"
"Yeah, George, there are two more of those "Siamese" things, but they're not rats. They might make good playmates. "
"Henry, you should be more mature than to want to play with kittens. Remember, we have to set an example for all these cats and kittens. They depend on us. Except Menow who thinks he's better than the rest of us. Look at him over there in his "throne." Ridiculous."
"Okay, anyway, as I was saying, let's check out some of Macie's babies. I think their eyes are opened now, so maybe they look better."
"Do you think anybody will ever want us? I mean, with all these kittens, will anybody ever want to take us home with them? We were kittens once, too. When is it our turn?"
"Taffy, one day someone will see you and fall in love with your silky fur and sweet nature, and you'll have a home all your own. I promise, one day it will happen. It will happen for all of us someday. We just have to keep our paws crossed and hearts ready. Let's check out the kittens."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Babies Are Getting Bigger!

"Those rat things are looking more and more like kittens every day! Have you seen them, Menow?"
"No, Taffy, I have not. Nor do I want to. Kittens are so... so creepy. They're little and squirmy and look funny. I do not care to associate with such."
"Menow, you are such a snob! You were a kitten once, and I'll bet you were plain scary with those big eyes! Talk about creepy!"
"Cosmo, you should talk. You have the flattest face and no nose to speak of. Besides, I am sure I was a beautiful kitten. Just look at my fur and my markings. I can assure you, I was not creepy in the least. All of you are just jealous because my Mom Person bought me such a lovely bed. I shall heretofore refer to it as my "throne."
"Get a life, Menow. You were abandoned at the shelter just like the rest of us. No one wanted you either, so quit putting on airs. You can bet someone will want those kittens. Everybody loves a kitten. We're just cats. I keep hoping someone will come along and fall in love with one of us, but with kitten season starting, it going to be tough. I think those kittens are pretty cool, but Hayley, that Mom Cat, is mighty scary!"
"George, I can't believe you're afraid of a Mom Cat. I thought you loved everybody!"
" You saw what she did to Astro. It's best to take no chances with her. Astro, how's your ear?"
"Don't talk to me about that Mom Cat. I don't care how cute those babies are. She's mean and hateful, and I'm staying out of her way!"
"Well, as I was saying, kittens are not my cup of tea, and those Mama Cats, well, they are somewhat disturbing. I much prefer my ladies to be, shall we say, unencumbered?"
"Menow, you think you are so high-falutin' and special! Let's look at Hayley's kittens!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama Cats are NOT to be Messed With!

"Dear God in Heaven, what was that?"
"Poor Astro! You have blood on your ear!"
"Something just rolled me across the floor and under the scratching post! That hurt! I heard one of the Mom People scream, but what happened? I never saw a thing! I was walking over to jump up on the cat tree and look out the window, and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back and something was biting me. It moved so fast, I never even I got a chance to see it! We need to tell the Mom People that there is something bad in here, and it's after us."
"Astro, you just got rolled by a cat less than half your size."
"No way, George! That was no cat! That was a chain saw of some sort. Look at my ear! You don't know what you're talking about. A cat! That's ridiculous!"
"I'm afraid George is right, Astro. That was not just any cat. That was a MAMA CAT! They are hell on paws when they think you might be gonna hurt their babies!"
"Babies? What babies? I've never seen babies! I tell you, that was not a cat. There's something evil in this house. It was way bigger than me! I slid all the way across the floor. A cat. That's ridiculous."
"Don't you know, Astro, that in that bathroom is a Mama Cat and her babies. She looked out the door, saw you, and before that Mom Person could get the door closed, you were rolling across the floor. Look! Is that some of your fur over there?"
"Oh, no! It IS my fur! Look, quick, quick! Do I have a bald spott? Taffy, stop sniggering. Next time, it might be you!"
"Astro, you'll live. Look! The bathroom door is opening!"
"GET out of my way, Taffy! I'm outta here! Run, run! Run for your lives! The door is opening! Move, move, she might come out! Oh no! It's a Mama Kitty! Run!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Career Search: Top Hot Cat Jobs!

In a poll taken yesterday, the following jobs were ranked as most important and most coveted. This is an unscientific poll since only 10 cats were polled. (14 if you count kittens who got only half a vote.)
1. Lap warmer
2. Alarm Clock
3. Drip Licker
4. Dish Washer
5. Rug Rearranger (Rudolph wanted to vote 5 times for this.)
6. Fur Distribution Manager (Shedding season!)
7. Toilet Bowl Inspector (Astro's personal favorite)
8. Window Sill Investigator
9. Mouse and Bug Tracker
10. Contortionist
11. Paper Weight
12. Place Holder
13. Olympic High Jumper
14. ** Smile Maker (Human's personal choice!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm in Love! by Rudolph and George

"Have you seen that babe in the bathroom?" Man oh man, she is one hot mama!"
"Back off, Rudolph! She's mine! I've been whispering sweet nothings under the door, but she hasn't responded yet. It's just a matter of time, so you might as well just let it go!"
"I saw her first, George! I heard the Mom People talking about her, and you can whisper all the nothings and somethings you want, but she won't hear you! Ha! You thought you had the inside track because she's in the bathroom in your room, but he-he! All for nothing! She's deaf!"
"Rudolph, it don't matter none that she can't hear. It's all about chemistry, and she and I have it! You just wait until she comes out and watch the master at work. Smooth and sly, hip and hot, that's me with the ladies. You don't stand a chance. You've got some growing up to do before you know how to talk to the ladies. You're still chasing Taffy around because you're afraid she'll figure out you like her. You're such a child, Rudolph. Leave this new babe to me."
"George, she's too young for you! You're old enough to be her daddy, but I'm just right. I'm not gonna chase her. I'm going walk right up, sniff that butt, and you'll see chemistry in action! Me and Camille are gonna walk off into the sunset together. You just wait - you may have more experience, but I've been practicing. She's gonna be amazed when she sees me shoot up those cat trees, hang upside down from the perch, slide across the floor on my back, and tiptoe across the window sills. It'll be love at first sniff!"
"Rudolph, don't get your hopes up. She's too pretty to be here long. Somebody's gonna come and take her away."
"Well, maybe they'll take me too, George. Maybe we'll get to go together. Now, that's what I call a chance at Kitty Heaven! See you, George! I've got some practicing to do!"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Baby Hootie!

Poor Hootie! He and his sisters, Hayden and Harmony, are a week old today, and he had to go to the vet. He has an infection in his eye, and it could cause blindness. The vet is hopeful since we got him in so quickly. Hayden and Harmony are fine, but we will be watching.
Now, here's the problem. The babies' eyes are not open yet, and the vet says I need to put medication in the small (microscopic?) hole where the infection is coming out. Hmmm. Well, the first indication I had that this might be difficult was the tone in her voice when she told me. Then, she avoided my eyes and said, "Well, try." Next, he has to have amoxi twice a day. They brought me a syringe about the size of a hair. Again, no one is really looking at me. The vet suggests I try a warm, damp compress twice a day. After terrifying me, they weigh the babies, and well, we're certainly not having any problems in the eating department. Harmony and Hayden weigh 8.5 ounces and Hootie weights 9.5! And here I thought they were small!
Okay, home we go. I get everybody settled, and then commence treatment. First, warm compress. Screams, shrieks, and piercing cries! Mom to the rescue - in my lap, in my face, nose 1 inch from mine, glaring and snorting. Baby down. Pet mom, try baby again. Screams, shrieks, ear-splitting cries. Mom once again in my face, huffing angrily this time. Baby down. Pet Mom. Get baby again and step outside down. Screams, shrieks, wails. All other cats in house run for cover. Dog pees in the floor. Mom flings herself against door. I get medicine on microscopic hole. Baby wailing. Mom growling behind door. I manage to get amoxi down baby who sobs. Open door, put baby down in bed, Mom promptly licks off medicine and glares at me. Redo medicine. Baby screams, Mom paces. Hold baby and snuggle; still crying. Mom clawing at foot. Put baby down with Mom. All is quiet. I feed Mom as a peace offering. Clean up mess. Wipe sweat off face. Kiss all babies goodnight. Close door. Search for other cats. Clean up dog pee.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things are Getting Crazy Around Here!

"Cosmo, come quick! Look at this! Can you believe it? Menow has a bassinet! Is that not the most disgusting thing you have ever seen?"
"Look at him sitting in there looking all sweet and innocent. I can't believe they got him a bassinet. He's old! That's supposed to be for babies. They should put those creepy rat-like kittens in the bassinet, not him. I agree, Astro. This place is getting weird. I was so relieved when we first got here out of that scary shelter, but I don't know about this. What are they gonna drag in here next, A DOG?"
"Okay, guys, the day they bring in a dog in here, me and Henry are packing our bags and catching the kitty express outta here! I know all you guys are a little freaked out by the kittens, but they're not so bad. They're pretty clueless and silly, and just think, we can all help them grow up the right way. Course you gotta watch out for those Mama Kitties. They can be pretty tough customers no matter how little and dainty they look. Mamas are mean felines!"
"George, you know so much, but them kittens are freakin' me out! They're so little and they sound just like rats. I so wanted rats! Now, that woulda been so cool! I was having dreams about chasing them rats, but you're telling me that those Mama Kitties are going slap us all silly if we mess with them kittens. What fun is that?"
"Rudolph, if you chase a kitten, there won't be enough of you to scrape up off the floor and put in Menow's bassinet. By the way, look over there at him now. He got his strait jacket off and he's looking all innocent. I know that one Mom Person calls it a "sweater" but it's a strait jacket, and a good thing too. The less he can move around, the better for us all!"
"Okay, here they come! Everybody get in their place and look "cat-like." We don't want to give away our secrets. Quick, Taffy! Get on your pillow! Menow, get your pitiful thing going. Cosmo, Astro, go hide. Me and Henry are going to be right here, looking just like .....cats!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Not Rats in the Bathrooms! Oh No!

"This is horrible! How could they? How could they do that to us? I wanted rats or at least mice! I had it all planned out about how I was going to chase them and bat them around. It was going to be the bestest fun in all the world, but it's not rats!"
"Shut up, Rudolph! You didn't really think they were going to bring us rats. People don't like rats, and they don't like to think about what we can do to them with our sharp little teeth and dagger-like claws. Sorry, Menow. I know you don't have either, but oh well. "
"You better watch it, Taffy. I can still take you. I notice you run from me all the time. Scared?"
"Of you? You're a toothless old man with no claws, oversized eyes, and you wheeze!"
"Taffy! That's rude! Menow can't help it! Anyway, let's get back to the real problem. The "NOT RATS" in the bathrooms. They're kittens! Kittens! How terrible is that? What are we going to do?'
"Why do anything? Kittens won't hurt you, Rudolph. You were awful brave last night, you and Cosmo, running up and down outside the bathroom, that is until you heard that scary scream, then you both hid. Not so brave, after all!"
"George, we didn't hide. We just quit playing and decided to go behind the couch and rest. We wanted to be sure not to disturb anybody. Yes, Astro was back there, too. And Taffy. And Menow. It was a little tight, but we weren't scared. We were just being helpful by being quiet and calm.
"Well, I can tell you one thing. These Mom People are messing up. They need to be careful about who they allow in this house. What do they know about these two Mama cats? I mean, come on, pregnant? And that young? What were they thinking?
"You're just jealous, Taffy!
"Jealous? I'm not about to lose my figure for some bad boy alley cat that just loves you and leaves you. Huh! You wait and see. They'll regret this. Those "kitties of the night" are going to be problems for us all!"
"Do you think we might get to see the kittens any time?'
"Shut up, Rudolph. Remember? We don't LIKE the kittens!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mama and Babies Arrived Today!

Mama and babies arrived today from the shelter in Franklin County. They were born last night at the shelter, and we got a call asking if we could take them. Aren't they wonderful?

We want some help naming them, so if you have a suggestion, please give us your ideas in a post to the blog. Watch them grow up and get ready for new homes. There are two little girls, the dilute calicos, one boy, a gray and white, and Mama girl, a beautiful gray andwhite. She's young, but she's doing such a good job caring for her little ones.

If anyone wants to put in an order for one of these babies, you could come and visit as they grow. Guaranteed to be sweet, loving, and absolutely adorable.

Watch for updates about these little ones and Mom.

Mom People! Rats in the Bathroom!

"Menow! Taffy! Come here quick! I heard them! I heard them! I think they put rats in the bathroom! You know that call they got this morning? You know they rushed out, then came back and went in the bathroom? Well, they went and got some rats and put in there. I heard them making squeaking sounds, and I'll just bet they got them for us. "
"Rudolph, are you sure you heard rats? I just don't think they went and got rats for us. Sure, they love us, but most humans don't like rats."
"Listen! Listen! You can hear them! Hear that squeaking sound? And you can hear the big one moving around. Rats! I'm so excited! I wonder when we get to chase them?" And we thought it was kittens!"
"I just don't know, guys. Maybe it's not rats. Maybe they're mice. That would be even better. Okay, if they have rats in that bathroom, what's in the other one? And where did they go this morning?"
" Okay, I know that, Rudolph, Menow. I heard them talking about going to get something that had just been born last night, and whoever called seemed to want them to go away soon. That's why, Rudolph, I think you might be right. They said something about them being born in a cage at "ac" whatever that is, but rats would be in a cage wouldn't they? They must really love us to go get some rats for us to play with. I hope they're not too big. I've never chased a rat before!"
"Well, I have chased many a rat, and I've killed every rat that came my way. Rats are nothing! Nothing! I can take one out with one swipe of my paw!"
"Menow, you don't have any claws, and you've always been a house cat. You're just making that up and trying to look tough."
" Okay, now, here's the plan. When they come in, I'll hang around the bathroom door, and Menow, you and Taffy create a diversion. I'll dart in, and check it out. Get Cosmo and Astro to help. Don't tell George. He won't believe us, and he might tell them what we're going to do. Rats! How exciting! I just can't wait!"