Thursday, March 19, 2009

Babies Are Getting Bigger!

"Those rat things are looking more and more like kittens every day! Have you seen them, Menow?"
"No, Taffy, I have not. Nor do I want to. Kittens are so... so creepy. They're little and squirmy and look funny. I do not care to associate with such."
"Menow, you are such a snob! You were a kitten once, and I'll bet you were plain scary with those big eyes! Talk about creepy!"
"Cosmo, you should talk. You have the flattest face and no nose to speak of. Besides, I am sure I was a beautiful kitten. Just look at my fur and my markings. I can assure you, I was not creepy in the least. All of you are just jealous because my Mom Person bought me such a lovely bed. I shall heretofore refer to it as my "throne."
"Get a life, Menow. You were abandoned at the shelter just like the rest of us. No one wanted you either, so quit putting on airs. You can bet someone will want those kittens. Everybody loves a kitten. We're just cats. I keep hoping someone will come along and fall in love with one of us, but with kitten season starting, it going to be tough. I think those kittens are pretty cool, but Hayley, that Mom Cat, is mighty scary!"
"George, I can't believe you're afraid of a Mom Cat. I thought you loved everybody!"
" You saw what she did to Astro. It's best to take no chances with her. Astro, how's your ear?"
"Don't talk to me about that Mom Cat. I don't care how cute those babies are. She's mean and hateful, and I'm staying out of her way!"
"Well, as I was saying, kittens are not my cup of tea, and those Mama Cats, well, they are somewhat disturbing. I much prefer my ladies to be, shall we say, unencumbered?"
"Menow, you think you are so high-falutin' and special! Let's look at Hayley's kittens!"

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