Sunday, March 15, 2009

Career Search: Top Hot Cat Jobs!

In a poll taken yesterday, the following jobs were ranked as most important and most coveted. This is an unscientific poll since only 10 cats were polled. (14 if you count kittens who got only half a vote.)
1. Lap warmer
2. Alarm Clock
3. Drip Licker
4. Dish Washer
5. Rug Rearranger (Rudolph wanted to vote 5 times for this.)
6. Fur Distribution Manager (Shedding season!)
7. Toilet Bowl Inspector (Astro's personal favorite)
8. Window Sill Investigator
9. Mouse and Bug Tracker
10. Contortionist
11. Paper Weight
12. Place Holder
13. Olympic High Jumper
14. ** Smile Maker (Human's personal choice!)

1 comment:

  1. Now they are any jobs that would make anyone happy.
    You all are doing so good with the kids.