Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Not Rats in the Bathrooms! Oh No!

"This is horrible! How could they? How could they do that to us? I wanted rats or at least mice! I had it all planned out about how I was going to chase them and bat them around. It was going to be the bestest fun in all the world, but it's not rats!"
"Shut up, Rudolph! You didn't really think they were going to bring us rats. People don't like rats, and they don't like to think about what we can do to them with our sharp little teeth and dagger-like claws. Sorry, Menow. I know you don't have either, but oh well. "
"You better watch it, Taffy. I can still take you. I notice you run from me all the time. Scared?"
"Of you? You're a toothless old man with no claws, oversized eyes, and you wheeze!"
"Taffy! That's rude! Menow can't help it! Anyway, let's get back to the real problem. The "NOT RATS" in the bathrooms. They're kittens! Kittens! How terrible is that? What are we going to do?'
"Why do anything? Kittens won't hurt you, Rudolph. You were awful brave last night, you and Cosmo, running up and down outside the bathroom, that is until you heard that scary scream, then you both hid. Not so brave, after all!"
"George, we didn't hide. We just quit playing and decided to go behind the couch and rest. We wanted to be sure not to disturb anybody. Yes, Astro was back there, too. And Taffy. And Menow. It was a little tight, but we weren't scared. We were just being helpful by being quiet and calm.
"Well, I can tell you one thing. These Mom People are messing up. They need to be careful about who they allow in this house. What do they know about these two Mama cats? I mean, come on, pregnant? And that young? What were they thinking?
"You're just jealous, Taffy!
"Jealous? I'm not about to lose my figure for some bad boy alley cat that just loves you and leaves you. Huh! You wait and see. They'll regret this. Those "kitties of the night" are going to be problems for us all!"
"Do you think we might get to see the kittens any time?'
"Shut up, Rudolph. Remember? We don't LIKE the kittens!"

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