Monday, March 30, 2009

Just What is a Siamese Cat?

"George, what's a Siamese? Is it those funny colored cats like that Mama in there in that room? She has two babies, so I'm staying away from her, but I keep hearing about them."
"Astro, Cosmo, it's just a kind of cat. Kinda like Menow there. You know, he's certain breed of cat. With him, it's Burmese."
"Well, what are we? What's our breed? I've never heard those Mom People call us any particular kind of cat. Mostly what I hear is "Cosmo, get down! Cosmo, stop it! I don't think that's a breed of cat."
"If you would quit being so nosy, you wouldn't get screamed at all the time! You know what you did the other day. You knocked everything off the shelves in the laundry room, then you tried to act all innocent. Everybody knew it was you!"
"Okay, Judgey Wan-Kanobi! Mr. Perfect! You never do anything wrong! All I ever hear is how wonderful George and Henry are! Well, me and Astro like to have fun, and what's fun is exploring! I'm gonna go on a field trip first chance I get. I'm gonna discover things! But anyway, what breed of cat are we?"
"We're all domestic short-hairs. Except Macie is a domestic long-hair, and I think her babies are gonna be that, too."
"Is that a good breed? Are we special? We all look different, so how can we all be the same? Menow looks real different with those spooky eyes and snotty attitude, and all those Siamese look alike, but we're all different. What's up with that?"
"Well, we have different colors, but we really are a breed. We are special! Don't let anybody tell you different!"
"Let's make Rudolph go in there and look at all those Siamese cats. If he don't get beat up, then the rest of us can go. He'll do it. You tell him to go, George. He'll listen to you!"
"Hey, Rudolph! Come here! George has something to tell you!"

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