Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mom People! Rats in the Bathroom!

"Menow! Taffy! Come here quick! I heard them! I heard them! I think they put rats in the bathroom! You know that call they got this morning? You know they rushed out, then came back and went in the bathroom? Well, they went and got some rats and put in there. I heard them making squeaking sounds, and I'll just bet they got them for us. "
"Rudolph, are you sure you heard rats? I just don't think they went and got rats for us. Sure, they love us, but most humans don't like rats."
"Listen! Listen! You can hear them! Hear that squeaking sound? And you can hear the big one moving around. Rats! I'm so excited! I wonder when we get to chase them?" And we thought it was kittens!"
"I just don't know, guys. Maybe it's not rats. Maybe they're mice. That would be even better. Okay, if they have rats in that bathroom, what's in the other one? And where did they go this morning?"
" Okay, I know that, Rudolph, Menow. I heard them talking about going to get something that had just been born last night, and whoever called seemed to want them to go away soon. That's why, Rudolph, I think you might be right. They said something about them being born in a cage at "ac" whatever that is, but rats would be in a cage wouldn't they? They must really love us to go get some rats for us to play with. I hope they're not too big. I've never chased a rat before!"
"Well, I have chased many a rat, and I've killed every rat that came my way. Rats are nothing! Nothing! I can take one out with one swipe of my paw!"
"Menow, you don't have any claws, and you've always been a house cat. You're just making that up and trying to look tough."
" Okay, now, here's the plan. When they come in, I'll hang around the bathroom door, and Menow, you and Taffy create a diversion. I'll dart in, and check it out. Get Cosmo and Astro to help. Don't tell George. He won't believe us, and he might tell them what we're going to do. Rats! How exciting! I just can't wait!"

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