Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Have to Take Care of Piper!

"Okay, everybody, gather around. We have to have a meeting! We have a new arrival, and she's special. We have to discuss some things. Astro, Cosmo, come on. Get out of the cabinets! You know they don't like that!"
"George, you're no fun. Just don't tell on us, okay? What's up?"
"Let me introduce you to Piper. She just arrived, and she's going to tell us about herself. Now, pay attention! All of you need to hear this."
"Hi, I'm Piper. I hope all of you will be my friend, but right now, I'm just a little nervous. I just left the only home I've ever known, and I'm a little afraid. All of you seem so sure of yourselves, and you all just run and play and seem to have fun, but it scares me."
"It's okay, Piper. You can play with us! We love new friends! You'll love the cat tower and all the cool stuff in here. Just wait - it's great!"
" Well, that's the thing. I can't see to do all the things you do. I can't see at all out of this eye, and mostly I see light and dark and motion our of this other one. I can't climb things because I have no front claws. I'm sorry. Can I still be your friend?"
"Of course, Piper! We'll take care of you. Don't you worry about not being able to get up on things. We'll come down here to talk to you. And, there are plenty of Mom People around here to love on you."
"Oh! That's what I love best of all! I adore being held and cuddled. It makes me feel so safe. I can snuggle close, and I just adore making biscuits. Will they really come in and hold me a lot? I miss having my family. I'm five years old, and I'm so afraid no one will ever want me. Who wants a cat that can't see?"
"Piper, you are so beautiful, and we can tell you have a kind and loving heart. Someone will fall in love with you, and you'll have a wonderful home once again. It will happen. You just have to believe! We all believe it will happen for us one day!"
"Thank you so much for letting me feel okay about being here. If I get lost, can one of you help me?"
"Piper, we'll all help you! You're one of the group now. Okay guys, introduce yourselves. And Piper, behind those door are Mama Cats with kittens, so be careful. They are not nice. But the rest of us, we love you!"
"Hi, I'm Astro!"
"Hi, I'm Cosmo!"
"Hi, I'm Taffy."
"Hello, I'm Henry."
"Hello, and I'm George. I'm the president here. Welcome, Piper!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

They're Everywhere!

"George, did you and Henry see those things? There must be a MILLION! Where did they come from?"
"Astro, I did see them. Jax, did you see them? Can you believe we all looked like that one time? It's hard to believe they're going to grow up and be big. They're so little!"
"Kittens! Everybody is so silly about them. All this oohing and aahing! What about us? We're cute, too!"
"Astro, nobody said you weren't cute, but there's just something about being little. When they all get together, they're pretty funny. They fall and run into each other, and man, they can eat! I don't think anybody will look at us till all those kittens are gone. We may have a long wait for a forever home. Henry, do you remember how nice it was to have a home? I miss it, I really do. Cosmo, you and Astro had a home. Do you miss it?"
"I miss it so much! I loved being someone's special cat. Here, we're all special, but I want my own person. I wonder if it will ever happen again?"
"Well, guys, you were the lucky ones. I've never had a home. Me and Rudolph, well now he's somebody's special cat. I'm going to bed tonight and dream about having my own home. Maybe my dreams will come true."
"Well, before we go to bed, let's check out those kitten things one more time. They're actually kinda funny. They're just noisy!"
"Astro, I think you like them! You won't admit it, but you do. Okay, let's go look at them. I think they're eating."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It Finally Happened!

"Hey, guys! Hey! Guess what? It's me! It's me! It's my turn!"
"Calm down, Rudolph. What's going on? What are you talking about?"
"George, George, you were right! There IS someone out there for all of us! They found me! My forever family found me! I've got a new home! I'm finally the special one!"
"Rudolph! Really? You're leaving? You're going to a new home? Oh, Rudolph! What will I do without you? Everyone is leaving! I'm going to miss you so much. I'm so sad! Rudolph, please tell me you're just joking."
"Taffy! No, it's for real. I'm going to a new home, and I'll have a new sister named Trixie. She's all black and guess what? She likes to play! I just can't wait. I've never had a home before, and I'm so excited! Do you really think they'll like me? What if I mess up, and they don't want me? What should I do?"
"Rudolph, just be yourself. Everybody likes you! We are going to miss you though, aren't we Henry?"
"Rudolph, you are going to love having a home. You will be special every day. You will get hugs and kisses, and you won't have to worry about being alone. You are so lucky, and I'm so happy for you. You have waited a long time, and we told you your day would come. Well, it's here, and good for you."
"Taffy, please don't look so sad. You will be the special kitty one day. Someone out there wants a gorgeous torti with no tail. I think you are the prettiest torti around."
"Thanks, Rudolph, but I've been waiting most of my life, and it seems I'm just not what anyone wants. I try to kind and loving. I keep my fur silky soft. I never cause problems, but it just never seems to happen. I will miss you forever, Rudolph."
"Rudolph, we will all miss you. Let us know how you're doing. We had a home once, me and Henry, so we know you are going to love it. We really believe that there is someone out there who will give us a second chance, and Taffy, you will get your chance, too. Astro, don't be sad. See, Rudolph thought his time would never come, and look what's happened. We just have to be patient. Rudolph, we love you! We will miss you, but we are so happy for you! Good luck in your new life, and don't forget about us. We'll always be your special friends, and wherever you go, take us with you in your heart. Bye, Rudolph! Bye! Have a happy life!

Congratulations to Rudolph and his new family! We know he will have a great life, but we will miss him. Thank you, Sue, for adopting a rescue kitty! We all know they are the best! Bye, Rudolph!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Road Trip! Road Trip!

"Attention! Attention! I have an annoucement! Attention, please!"
"Yeah, yeah, Menow. What is it? More about your "royal blood" or that stupid bassinet, excuse me, throne, you sleep in?"
" Shut up, Astro. Menow has something to tell us. We're listening, Menow."
"Rudolph, you always take up for Menow. What are you, his protector?"
"If I may have your attention, please. I do have an important announcement to make that I think all of you will want to hear. I am taking a road trip!"
"A road trip! Menow, cats don't take road trips! What are you talking about?"
"Taffy, I am taking a road trip to sunny Florida! I am going to Tampa Bay. I am leaving tomorrow."
"Menow, can I come, too? You need me, Menow. What about me?"
"Alas, Rudolph, you can't come. I will miss you terribly, and I thank you for watching out for me. I will always remember you. You are a good and true friend."
"Menow! Aren't you coming back? What do you mean, miss me? What's going on?"
"Rudolph, I have a new home with a new mom. Who would have ever thought that someone would want me, but there you have it. I have a new sister, also a royal Burmese named Amy, but I do so wish I could take you, Rudolph. You, I will truly miss."
"No, Menow! Please don't go! You're my friend! Who will wash your face at night? Who will cuddle with you when you are cold? Who will protect you from kitties that want to be mean to you? Menow, take me with you!"
"Rudolph, if only I could! This is the way it is supposed to be. We come together for a while, make wonderful friends, but if we are lucky, someone offers us a new home. I never thought it would happen again for me. But it will happen for you one day. I promise. Your family is out there somewhere."
"Everybody keeps telling me that, but I don't think it's true. I've never had a family, so I don't think I believe them. Menow, you're leaving me. I'm so sad. You were my bestest buddy. I'll be alone, now. I'll never be anybody's special cat. I guess I'm just not special. Menow, I'm happy for you, I really am."
"I will miss all of you. I am taking my throne with me, and I will be transported in style with two attendents. I promise to send word of my new kingdom. Taffy, I apologize for anything I might have done to offend you. Rudolph, don't cry. Please, Rudolph, come back! Don't be sad! I have to go - it's the way this works. George, please watch out for Rudolph. He will need a friend. Good luck to all of you. May each of you find a perfect home with a caring family. I take my leave of you now. George, Henry, Astro, Cosmo, Taffy, Serenity, Macie, Hayley, Skyler, and all those "rats," I wish you a happy life. Rudolph, I will never forget you.

Menow left for his new home in Tampa Bay, Florida with his new owner,
Hana. He is being "escorted" by his attendents, Lori and Emily, and we
wish him the best. We will miss him so much, but we are so happy for him.
Have a great life, Menow! Congratulations to Hana!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look at all the Babies!

Hayley had three, then Macie had six. Now, Hayley has six, and Macie has three! They will be five weeks old this weekend. Ready mid- May!

Hayden: The explorer! Brave, intrepid, first to try everything!
Harmony: The runt, but Ms. Personality!
Hootie: A BIG boy but a sweetheart!
Madigan: Colorful a definitely a lap kitten. Loves her some people.
Mango: Trying to be a big kitty, braver than he should be.
Matrix: Wants loving all the time - going to be someone's angel cat.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sneakin' Around Gets You in Trouble! by Rudolph

"Okay, I've about had it around here! Do you know that I spent the whole night on the shelf in the bathroom because that new Siamese Mama Cat is just about the meanest and scariest thing I've ever seen? I don't care what ANY of you say - she can whip us all and at the same time! That was the worst night of my life, and I don't mean maybe. "
"Well, Rudolph, you're the one that snuck in there and hid. You got what you deserved. It's hard to feel sorry for you."
"Thanks, George. I appreciate your support. How was I to know it was another of those Mama Cats? Yeah, I knew it was a cat 'cause she came out and met me, but when I went in there, it was all different. Whew! I thought I was done for. That's the closet I've ever come to, uh, well, you know, being an angel kitty."
"Rudolph's a wimp! Rudolph's a wimp! He's afraid of girlie cats! He's afraid of girlie cats!"
"I don't care what you call me, Astro. You go in there and see what happens to you. You got rolled out here in the big room; I had to spend the whole night with that wicked woman. I'm lucky I'm still alive."
"Did you even introduce yourself to her, Rudolph, or did you just go barreling in like you usually do? You have no manners sometime."
"Introduce myself? Are you nuts? I was too busy trying to climb the wall or hang from the ceiling to get away from her! I tell you, she's a wicked, wicked woman!"
"Rudolph, she's not a "woman." She's just a young girl with babies of her own. Six of them! She probably thought you came to hurt them."
"Well, I know who got hurt, and it wasn't the babies. Do you know that I had to sleep all day just to get over the trauma? Ain't goin' back in there, no how, no way. I'm through with these mama cats."
"Rudolph, you have to admit it was your fault for being so sneaky. Did you get to see the kittens? What do they look like?"
"Rats! More rats! There are three white ones that are Siamese like her, two gray ones, and one that looks like Taffy. Just what we don't need! More rats! This place is over run with them. Let's tell Mom People enough is enough!"
"Well, they do need to be saved. After all, we all came from the same place, and it the Mom People hadn't saved us, we wouldn't be here. So, don't you think it's selfish to not be glad they were saved?"
"Okay, Saint George. Yes, they needed to be saved, but you go spend a night with a Mama Cat and see what you think. I don't care how big you are, you would be toast, just like the rest of us who have faced a Mama Cat. Public Enemy #1 in this house is Mama Cats! All in favor, raise your paw! All opposed - I didn't think so. It's done. Mama Cats are declared scary and to be avoided at all costs."