Monday, April 20, 2009

They're Everywhere!

"George, did you and Henry see those things? There must be a MILLION! Where did they come from?"
"Astro, I did see them. Jax, did you see them? Can you believe we all looked like that one time? It's hard to believe they're going to grow up and be big. They're so little!"
"Kittens! Everybody is so silly about them. All this oohing and aahing! What about us? We're cute, too!"
"Astro, nobody said you weren't cute, but there's just something about being little. When they all get together, they're pretty funny. They fall and run into each other, and man, they can eat! I don't think anybody will look at us till all those kittens are gone. We may have a long wait for a forever home. Henry, do you remember how nice it was to have a home? I miss it, I really do. Cosmo, you and Astro had a home. Do you miss it?"
"I miss it so much! I loved being someone's special cat. Here, we're all special, but I want my own person. I wonder if it will ever happen again?"
"Well, guys, you were the lucky ones. I've never had a home. Me and Rudolph, well now he's somebody's special cat. I'm going to bed tonight and dream about having my own home. Maybe my dreams will come true."
"Well, before we go to bed, let's check out those kitten things one more time. They're actually kinda funny. They're just noisy!"
"Astro, I think you like them! You won't admit it, but you do. Okay, let's go look at them. I think they're eating."

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