Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alien Kittens Ready to Take Over the World!

"Okay, here's the deal. They think we are the average kittens, but we all know better, so let's keep things on the down low till we get a chance to take over. Got it?"
"Who put you in charge? You're not the boss of me! Cobalt, you think you know everything, but I'm in charge of me!"
"Chaco, you are such a whiner! I'm just telling you not to give away our secrets. They don't know we have special powers. Remember, just act like kittens. Run, play, jump- you know. Like kittens!"
"What about the big thing out there? That gray furry thing? I think he suspects we're not just kittens. He watches us awfully close. What is that thing anyway? He's so big, and that long fur!"
"Starburst, that's an adult cat. There's some other ones out there, too. We've got the Mom People fooled. They just ooh and aah over us. Won't they feel funny when we take over?"
"Avalon, are you listening? Don't mess up! Chaco, stop stalking around with your tail up! You look strange. Don't let them take your picture with your ears up either because they are a dead giveaway that we are NOT from here. Your ears are just too big!"
"Cobalt, stop being bossy! We got it, we got it! But I have to say, I kinda like this pretending to be kittens. It's pretty fun, and all that hugging and kissing - I could get used to it. Maybe we should consider just staying like we are for awhile."
"Avalon, Starburst, somebody slap Chaco! Shhh - here comes somebody. Look kitten-like!"

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