Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Mom, Can We Have One?"

"Hi, I'm Nickelodeon and this is my brother Boomerang. Have you seen this place? Look! Look at this thing to climb on, and look at this thing to jump on, and look at this cool sleeping place, and look it's a shelf to sit on, and..."
"Nicki, look! I can see some things out this window I have NEVER seen before! Oh my gosh! I've got to have one! There's more! They flutter and fly! I'm so excited! What are they?"
"Boomer, move over! Close your mouth! EEEEEEEEEEk! What are those things? We've got to get out there and get one! Mom, Mom, come here! Look, look! What are they? Can we have one? "
"Calm down, guys. You can't get out through the window, sorry. Yes, they are delicious to snack on, loads of fun to chase, but humans frown on us catching them. They're birds."
"Birds? Are they toys? Can we have one in here?"
"No, they're not toys. They're alive. They're real."
"Real? For sure? I want one. I want to chase it. Please, Mom. Get us one."
"You can't have one, now stop it. They're just to look at. You've got plenty of other toys. Play with them."
"Yeah, come on Nicki. Let's explore. I like this place. There's something on the other side of this door, but I don't know what it is. They're mighty strange looking, but I don't know. Come on!"
"Boomer, let's play chase! Tag, you're it!"

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