Friday, August 7, 2009

Heart Throb and Heartache and Heartbreak

Hi, I'm Madison, You might have seen me when I was a tiny baby along with my five brothers and sisters. I was the tiniest of all! They've all gone to wonderful homes and are someone's special kitties, but things haven't quite worked out for me. I'm still hoping, but my foster mom tells me my heart doesn't work quite right, so I have to stay with her. I'm hoping it can get fixed, but right now, things aren't looking too good. But you know something? I don't care! I have a good time ALL the time! There are lots of kitties here to play with, and I really love that Wee cat 'cause he plays with me and gives me kisses. My mama loves me, but I think sometimes at night, she gets a little mad at me. I love to run jump in the bed with her when she goes to bed, but I ALWAYS wake up about 2 A.M. and I just need a little lovin'! I can purr real loud and I can make biscuits on my mama's neck and face and head and arms and chest, and well, just about anywhere. I give the best kisses too! I just adore ear lobes. I'm just getting started good when Mom says, "Go away, Madison!" I know she doesn't mean it, so I just work a little harder to give more kisses and make more biscuits! Then she wakes up and plays a special game with me. She covers her face with the sheet, but I always find it! I dig and dig and dig. She pretends to be mad and yells at me, but that just makes it fun! The best is when she covers her head with the pillow 'cause then I can jump on it and use my front AND back feet to try to find her. I just love sleeping with Mom at night! We have such fun! I like to play the foot game too, and it makes Mama scream. I'm usually pretty tired by about 3:30, and I know Mama gets up about 4:15, so I let her take a short nap before she gets up. I'm her favorite bedtime kitty. She doesn't always say it, but I know it. She can't fool me by threatening to lock me downstairs. She would miss me!
Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my heart. I don't want to break my mama's heart, so I'm working real hard to get better. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll keep my paws crossed!
Gotta go! I think we're getting ready for bed, and I just can't wait! Fun and games! Whoopee!

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