Sunday, October 25, 2009


"Everybody needs to gather around so we can tell you newcomers what is SUPPOSED to happen around here. There is a human out there whose job is to tell our stories, and guess what? Yup, you got it... she has fallen down on the job. As the senior member here, I have taken it upon myself to give her a severe talking to, and she has agreed to do a better job. We'll see."
"You're not the senior member, Tia. I am. I was here way before you! I'm the spokescat for us now, so you just back off!"
"Astro! How dare you! You left, stayed gone for several months, and then you came back. You lost your spot. It's me now!"
"Let's take a vote on who's the spokescat. As the ranking MALE cat, it should be me."
"Ranking MALE cat? What's that got to do with it? I am the QUEEN of this house!"
" Oh, shut up, both of you. Let's just vote. Okay, all those in favor of Astro, raise your paw. Okay, that's six. All in favor of Tia, raise your paw. Well, darn. A tie. Six each."
"Bella, are you sure you can count? I'm sure I saw more than six for me!"
"Astro, I can count. You two are just going to have to share the honors."
"Fine, I call this meeting to order. Everybody, we are in session."
" I wanted to call the meeting to order, Astro! Okay, everybody, the meeting has started."
"Tia, you can't call the meeting to order twice! I already did it."
"STOP IT! What is wrong with you two? If you can't get along, we can find someone else to be in charge. What about you, Bella?"
"Me? Why, thank you, but I prefer to let someone else be in charge. It's just not my style."
"Okay, the meeting is starting. First item. Okay, Tia, what is it?"
"You started the meeting again. You said we couldn't do that. Besides, I want to do it. Everybody, this meeting is now beginning. Who's got something to say?'
"TIA! Stop! You can't keep starting the meeting over! We're already in session. First item on the agenda... Wait, where are the kittens? Fred? Windsor? Boo?"
"See, you ran them off. They'll listen to me. Meeting is starting. Where is everybody? Come on guys! Don't leave!"
"See what you did, Tia. Everybody has left. If you had just let me be in charge, but noooooooo, it had to be you. Now, we'll have to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned!"
"Astro! There's nobody here to adjourn! They all left because of you! Don't blame me for this. You butted in, and now you've ruined my meeting. I'm going to get in the cabinet."
"She is soooo sensitive! Maybe we'll try this again tomorrow or the next day. There is so much to discuss. We have to get this place organized and back on track. They just need a firm hand. My work is cut out for me...."