Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Spritzer! Stop that and come in here. We are planning a revolt. We need your attention,please."
" Just a minute, just a minute! I've got to get this mouse! Look, it's in the air... it's under the chair... it's behind the table... it's, oh dear, it's all wet... it's in the water bowl. Dang!"
"Spritzer, would you just come on? We're waiting on you!"
" Oh, cool it, Tia. I've got better things to do than listen to you and Astro argue about who's in charge. LOOK! What is that? OMG! Get it! Get it!"
"Somebody jump on Spritzer! She is totally out of control! Spritzer, stop this instant and join us in the kitchen!"
"Ouch, Spritzer! You ran over my foot!"
"Look at me! Look at me! I can swing from the tower... I can jump to the top... I can DO ANYTHING!"
"Okay, fine. Forget Spritzer. We're holding a meeting tonight about something very important."
"Tia, you may begin."
"Okay, here' s the deal. We want more say so about things around here. We are not being consulted in proper fashion, and we are putting stop to it this instant!"
"As Tia stated, we must be more proactive in our interests. We will vote on a Bill of Rights to be in effect as soon as all residents throw up on it. Be sure to eat a lot tomorrow so you'll be ready."
"When are we voting?"
"As soon as Tia and I complete the document, we will bring it before the members of this house and call for a vote. Your signature will be required before presenting it to those who deem themselves "in charge."
"I vote YES! YES! I vote YES!"
"Shut up Spritzer. There's nothing to vote on yet. What did you eat for dinner? Have you been in the catnip?"
"I LOVE life! I LOVE you! I LOVE everything!"
"Somebody hide the catnip. She's high."
"Okay, felines. Get ready for battle. It is time we take a stand. No decisions without input."
"We're adjourned for now."
"I was supposed to do the adjourning, Astro. You hogged the whole meeting."
"Tia, you can conduct the voting."
"Oh, goody. What if someone can't sign?"
"Well, just remind everyone to eat lots tomorrow. Okay, meeting over."
"Yes, the meeting is over. We're finished. I'll be in charge of voting, so get ready."
"I vote NO! I vote YES! I vote for me! I win! I win! Spritzer is QUEEN of the HOUSE!"
"Somebody lock her in the bathroom - Please!"

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