Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Have to Take Care of Piper!

"Okay, everybody, gather around. We have to have a meeting! We have a new arrival, and she's special. We have to discuss some things. Astro, Cosmo, come on. Get out of the cabinets! You know they don't like that!"
"George, you're no fun. Just don't tell on us, okay? What's up?"
"Let me introduce you to Piper. She just arrived, and she's going to tell us about herself. Now, pay attention! All of you need to hear this."
"Hi, I'm Piper. I hope all of you will be my friend, but right now, I'm just a little nervous. I just left the only home I've ever known, and I'm a little afraid. All of you seem so sure of yourselves, and you all just run and play and seem to have fun, but it scares me."
"It's okay, Piper. You can play with us! We love new friends! You'll love the cat tower and all the cool stuff in here. Just wait - it's great!"
" Well, that's the thing. I can't see to do all the things you do. I can't see at all out of this eye, and mostly I see light and dark and motion our of this other one. I can't climb things because I have no front claws. I'm sorry. Can I still be your friend?"
"Of course, Piper! We'll take care of you. Don't you worry about not being able to get up on things. We'll come down here to talk to you. And, there are plenty of Mom People around here to love on you."
"Oh! That's what I love best of all! I adore being held and cuddled. It makes me feel so safe. I can snuggle close, and I just adore making biscuits. Will they really come in and hold me a lot? I miss having my family. I'm five years old, and I'm so afraid no one will ever want me. Who wants a cat that can't see?"
"Piper, you are so beautiful, and we can tell you have a kind and loving heart. Someone will fall in love with you, and you'll have a wonderful home once again. It will happen. You just have to believe! We all believe it will happen for us one day!"
"Thank you so much for letting me feel okay about being here. If I get lost, can one of you help me?"
"Piper, we'll all help you! You're one of the group now. Okay guys, introduce yourselves. And Piper, behind those door are Mama Cats with kittens, so be careful. They are not nice. But the rest of us, we love you!"
"Hi, I'm Astro!"
"Hi, I'm Cosmo!"
"Hi, I'm Taffy."
"Hello, I'm Henry."
"Hello, and I'm George. I'm the president here. Welcome, Piper!"

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  1. Hey, All 4 FootedANGELS at PP!!
    Mommy Dianne has been real sick all week!!
    I think that when she comes to see us again we should give HER the extra hugs and kisses that she is always giving to us.
    We will figure a way to do it to make her feel better.

    Maybe bywe can try not spilling all the extra food on the floor and trying to clean our potties!!
    Feel better mommy Dianne
    HUGS from all of us 4 Hariy Legged Babies