Monday, November 2, 2009

Establishment of the Constitution

"Attention, attention! This meeting of the cats of Purr Partners is now called to order! We will now come to order! Attention!"
"Astro, you said I could do the meeting! Attention all felines. This meeting is in session. The Honorable Tia Maria presiding."
"Honorable! What are you doing, Tia?"
"Shut up! This is my meeting. Okay, let's get on with it. Astro, the chair yields the floor for the reading of the Constitution."
"Yow. Okay, here we go. Everybody pay attention to this historic first reading of our Constitution.

We the Cats of Purr Partners, in order to form a more perfect residence, establish priorities, insure a steady diet of preferred food, provide for the removal of used litter, promote our complete welfare, and secure the blessings of continuous food and attention, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Cats of the Cat Shack of Purr Partners."

"Discussion? What Pixie?"
" What are priorities? Are they good? What do the taste like?"
"They're not food, idiot! You can't eat priorities! You rank them!"
"Oh. But what are they?"
"Never mind. You'll see. Any other questions?"
"Yes, I have one. What's the preferred food? Shouldn't we decide on that? What if "they" choose something WE don't consider preferred? Can they be fired? Executed?"
"That's another vote! We're just voting on the wording of this. Any suggestions?"
" I like the idea of continuous food and attention. Maybe we should say "continuous preferred food."
"What about saying "constant attention?"
"We left out anything about toys!"
"What about having to do things we don't like to do?" I don't like that biweekly trip in a carrier to the bad place. Let's say something about that."
"Attention! We are here to vote yes or no. How many yes's do we have? 1, 2, 3... only three?
How many no's? 1,2,3,4, 5, 6 ... Okay. It's back to work. We'll try a second draft. Let's schedule a meeting for Wednesday evening."
"Hey, wait a minute! I thought we were going to sign something! I ate all day long and I'm ready to put my signature on this!"
"Sorry, Bella. You'll just have to eat as much tomorrow and the next day. I'm sure you can do it. That's a nice little belly you have going there!"
"Don't talk about my belly! You said to eat, so I did!"
"I move we adjourn this meeting, have a snack, and get some rest. We've got lots to deal with tomorrow. These humans are just impossible."
"I second the motion! To the bowls!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009


"Spritzer! Stop that and come in here. We are planning a revolt. We need your attention,please."
" Just a minute, just a minute! I've got to get this mouse! Look, it's in the air... it's under the chair... it's behind the table... it's, oh dear, it's all wet... it's in the water bowl. Dang!"
"Spritzer, would you just come on? We're waiting on you!"
" Oh, cool it, Tia. I've got better things to do than listen to you and Astro argue about who's in charge. LOOK! What is that? OMG! Get it! Get it!"
"Somebody jump on Spritzer! She is totally out of control! Spritzer, stop this instant and join us in the kitchen!"
"Ouch, Spritzer! You ran over my foot!"
"Look at me! Look at me! I can swing from the tower... I can jump to the top... I can DO ANYTHING!"
"Okay, fine. Forget Spritzer. We're holding a meeting tonight about something very important."
"Tia, you may begin."
"Okay, here' s the deal. We want more say so about things around here. We are not being consulted in proper fashion, and we are putting stop to it this instant!"
"As Tia stated, we must be more proactive in our interests. We will vote on a Bill of Rights to be in effect as soon as all residents throw up on it. Be sure to eat a lot tomorrow so you'll be ready."
"When are we voting?"
"As soon as Tia and I complete the document, we will bring it before the members of this house and call for a vote. Your signature will be required before presenting it to those who deem themselves "in charge."
"I vote YES! YES! I vote YES!"
"Shut up Spritzer. There's nothing to vote on yet. What did you eat for dinner? Have you been in the catnip?"
"I LOVE life! I LOVE you! I LOVE everything!"
"Somebody hide the catnip. She's high."
"Okay, felines. Get ready for battle. It is time we take a stand. No decisions without input."
"We're adjourned for now."
"I was supposed to do the adjourning, Astro. You hogged the whole meeting."
"Tia, you can conduct the voting."
"Oh, goody. What if someone can't sign?"
"Well, just remind everyone to eat lots tomorrow. Okay, meeting over."
"Yes, the meeting is over. We're finished. I'll be in charge of voting, so get ready."
"I vote NO! I vote YES! I vote for me! I win! I win! Spritzer is QUEEN of the HOUSE!"
"Somebody lock her in the bathroom - Please!"

Sunday, October 25, 2009


"Everybody needs to gather around so we can tell you newcomers what is SUPPOSED to happen around here. There is a human out there whose job is to tell our stories, and guess what? Yup, you got it... she has fallen down on the job. As the senior member here, I have taken it upon myself to give her a severe talking to, and she has agreed to do a better job. We'll see."
"You're not the senior member, Tia. I am. I was here way before you! I'm the spokescat for us now, so you just back off!"
"Astro! How dare you! You left, stayed gone for several months, and then you came back. You lost your spot. It's me now!"
"Let's take a vote on who's the spokescat. As the ranking MALE cat, it should be me."
"Ranking MALE cat? What's that got to do with it? I am the QUEEN of this house!"
" Oh, shut up, both of you. Let's just vote. Okay, all those in favor of Astro, raise your paw. Okay, that's six. All in favor of Tia, raise your paw. Well, darn. A tie. Six each."
"Bella, are you sure you can count? I'm sure I saw more than six for me!"
"Astro, I can count. You two are just going to have to share the honors."
"Fine, I call this meeting to order. Everybody, we are in session."
" I wanted to call the meeting to order, Astro! Okay, everybody, the meeting has started."
"Tia, you can't call the meeting to order twice! I already did it."
"STOP IT! What is wrong with you two? If you can't get along, we can find someone else to be in charge. What about you, Bella?"
"Me? Why, thank you, but I prefer to let someone else be in charge. It's just not my style."
"Okay, the meeting is starting. First item. Okay, Tia, what is it?"
"You started the meeting again. You said we couldn't do that. Besides, I want to do it. Everybody, this meeting is now beginning. Who's got something to say?'
"TIA! Stop! You can't keep starting the meeting over! We're already in session. First item on the agenda... Wait, where are the kittens? Fred? Windsor? Boo?"
"See, you ran them off. They'll listen to me. Meeting is starting. Where is everybody? Come on guys! Don't leave!"
"See what you did, Tia. Everybody has left. If you had just let me be in charge, but noooooooo, it had to be you. Now, we'll have to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned!"
"Astro! There's nobody here to adjourn! They all left because of you! Don't blame me for this. You butted in, and now you've ruined my meeting. I'm going to get in the cabinet."
"She is soooo sensitive! Maybe we'll try this again tomorrow or the next day. There is so much to discuss. We have to get this place organized and back on track. They just need a firm hand. My work is cut out for me...."

Friday, August 7, 2009

Heart Throb and Heartache and Heartbreak

Hi, I'm Madison, You might have seen me when I was a tiny baby along with my five brothers and sisters. I was the tiniest of all! They've all gone to wonderful homes and are someone's special kitties, but things haven't quite worked out for me. I'm still hoping, but my foster mom tells me my heart doesn't work quite right, so I have to stay with her. I'm hoping it can get fixed, but right now, things aren't looking too good. But you know something? I don't care! I have a good time ALL the time! There are lots of kitties here to play with, and I really love that Wee cat 'cause he plays with me and gives me kisses. My mama loves me, but I think sometimes at night, she gets a little mad at me. I love to run jump in the bed with her when she goes to bed, but I ALWAYS wake up about 2 A.M. and I just need a little lovin'! I can purr real loud and I can make biscuits on my mama's neck and face and head and arms and chest, and well, just about anywhere. I give the best kisses too! I just adore ear lobes. I'm just getting started good when Mom says, "Go away, Madison!" I know she doesn't mean it, so I just work a little harder to give more kisses and make more biscuits! Then she wakes up and plays a special game with me. She covers her face with the sheet, but I always find it! I dig and dig and dig. She pretends to be mad and yells at me, but that just makes it fun! The best is when she covers her head with the pillow 'cause then I can jump on it and use my front AND back feet to try to find her. I just love sleeping with Mom at night! We have such fun! I like to play the foot game too, and it makes Mama scream. I'm usually pretty tired by about 3:30, and I know Mama gets up about 4:15, so I let her take a short nap before she gets up. I'm her favorite bedtime kitty. She doesn't always say it, but I know it. She can't fool me by threatening to lock me downstairs. She would miss me!
Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my heart. I don't want to break my mama's heart, so I'm working real hard to get better. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll keep my paws crossed!
Gotta go! I think we're getting ready for bed, and I just can't wait! Fun and games! Whoopee!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Okay, Okay! Get Over It! I'll Do Better, I Promise!

Okay, here' s the deal. The cats are all mad at me because I am not letting them "voice" their opinions and tell their stories at the rate they feel they deserve. I have been severely chastised for dropping the ball and being slack. They don't care that their litter boxes are clean, they have plenty to eat, and they receive lots of love - it's STILL not enough! No, they want you to hear about them and their lives, so I have promised to do better. A quick update:
Jax is with his new family and they adore him!
Piper and Sushi Lou went to their new home together.
The Alien Kittens all found new homes!
Juno, Dakota, and Yukon all got adopted together - won't that be fun!
Hollywood and Cruiser are living a life of luxury in their new home.
Crockett is the favored and only pet with his own personal garden.
And the list goes on! We love our adopters because they chose rescue kitties - the best kind!
Now, a word from Armand and the crew...
"Well, finally. She is NOT secretary material, I think we all can agree! Look how slack she is about typing for us. If she were a paid employee, she would be fired immediately!"
"You better hush, Armand. Remember these Mama People take care of us - and they don't have to!"
"Tia, you are such a suck-up! Of course they have to! They all have terrible guilt complexes and it makes them feel good to work so hard at caring for us. You need to learn to milk that for all it's worth. There's no telling what we could get them to do for us!"
"Armand, you are so pretentious! You came in here looking like something the dog dragged in, and now you think you are king of the world. Well, I know I'm lucky! I think I might be getting a home!"
"Liza! You didn't tell us! How exciting! When? Who? Oh, Liza, I'll miss you so much, but I'm so happy for you! Will you tell your humans to keep in touch with me?"
"Well, I'm not sure when, or if, I'm leaving for sure, but I may be heading north to Virginia. Seems like that lap trick I have touched someone's heart, and they're coming back for me. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard. I've waited my whole life for someone to call my own, and if it happens for me this time, I'll be the happiest cat ever! Just think. Me, Liza, in a real house with people who love me. It's my dream come true!"
"Liza, congratulations! I am happy for you as well. You have been a good and loyal friend. If you go, we will be very happy for you, but we will be sad as well. Don't forget us!"
"Armand, what a nice thing to say! You two make me cry! I've never had such good friends, and I just know both of you will find your perfect home, too. Don't be sad! Your turn is coming!"

Tomorrow: Madison and her sad little heart.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alien Kittens Ready to Take Over the World!

"Okay, here's the deal. They think we are the average kittens, but we all know better, so let's keep things on the down low till we get a chance to take over. Got it?"
"Who put you in charge? You're not the boss of me! Cobalt, you think you know everything, but I'm in charge of me!"
"Chaco, you are such a whiner! I'm just telling you not to give away our secrets. They don't know we have special powers. Remember, just act like kittens. Run, play, jump- you know. Like kittens!"
"What about the big thing out there? That gray furry thing? I think he suspects we're not just kittens. He watches us awfully close. What is that thing anyway? He's so big, and that long fur!"
"Starburst, that's an adult cat. There's some other ones out there, too. We've got the Mom People fooled. They just ooh and aah over us. Won't they feel funny when we take over?"
"Avalon, are you listening? Don't mess up! Chaco, stop stalking around with your tail up! You look strange. Don't let them take your picture with your ears up either because they are a dead giveaway that we are NOT from here. Your ears are just too big!"
"Cobalt, stop being bossy! We got it, we got it! But I have to say, I kinda like this pretending to be kittens. It's pretty fun, and all that hugging and kissing - I could get used to it. Maybe we should consider just staying like we are for awhile."
"Avalon, Starburst, somebody slap Chaco! Shhh - here comes somebody. Look kitten-like!"

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Aliens Introduced!

"Attention everyone! Attention! It is time to have a look at some of our newest additions. From now on, it is important that they are not referred to as "The Aliens." That is offensive and hurts their feelings."
"Armand, what do you know? The Mom People refer to them as "Spiderlings." Which is worse? I'd rather be an alien rather than a spider!"
"Jackson, we will NOT stoop to the level of the humans! Aliens, Spiders! No, they must be referred to by name, as we all are. Henceforth, they will be called by their proper names."
"Armand, you are so pompous! You don't even know their names, do you? No matter what you say, they look strange. So what if they are aliens? How cool is that?"
"Tia, I am not pompous. I am just concerned for the feelings of the ali.. excuse me, new arrivals. I would not be so crass as to hurt their feelings."
"Forget their feelings - what about their EARS? Who put those ears on those things? Do you think they can hear a mouse squeak in the next county?"
"Jackson, that is so rude! Yes, their ears are a little oversized, true, but they are so friendly and sociable. You know, they're all going to get homes before we do. Everybody wants the cute little ones, and in this case, the strange little ones, but nobody seems to want us. Do you know that I've never had my own special person to love me? I think that would be the best thing ever!"
"Liza, please don't be sad! Someone is out there right now looking for you, and they'll find you one day. Just remember, Piper got a home, so you will, too. Okay, maybe those aliens (shut up Armand! I can call them that if I want to!) will be snapped up in a second, but we will too someday. Now, let's go look at at those ali... excuse me, "new arrivals."
"We are only meeting two today - Chaco and Starburst. Cobalt and Avalon are being a little shy. So, be nice everyone. DON"T call them aliens! And don't mention the big ears!"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Mom, Can We Have One?"

"Hi, I'm Nickelodeon and this is my brother Boomerang. Have you seen this place? Look! Look at this thing to climb on, and look at this thing to jump on, and look at this cool sleeping place, and look it's a shelf to sit on, and..."
"Nicki, look! I can see some things out this window I have NEVER seen before! Oh my gosh! I've got to have one! There's more! They flutter and fly! I'm so excited! What are they?"
"Boomer, move over! Close your mouth! EEEEEEEEEEk! What are those things? We've got to get out there and get one! Mom, Mom, come here! Look, look! What are they? Can we have one? "
"Calm down, guys. You can't get out through the window, sorry. Yes, they are delicious to snack on, loads of fun to chase, but humans frown on us catching them. They're birds."
"Birds? Are they toys? Can we have one in here?"
"No, they're not toys. They're alive. They're real."
"Real? For sure? I want one. I want to chase it. Please, Mom. Get us one."
"You can't have one, now stop it. They're just to look at. You've got plenty of other toys. Play with them."
"Yeah, come on Nicki. Let's explore. I like this place. There's something on the other side of this door, but I don't know what it is. They're mighty strange looking, but I don't know. Come on!"
"Boomer, let's play chase! Tag, you're it!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yes, I'm a Siamese!

Yes, I am a Siamese no matter what you think! I'm a torti-point Siamese, and I don't want to hear any comments about my "funny-looking" face! Okay, I have spots on my face - they're called "points" by the way. And by the way - my coat is the prettiest here! It looks and feels like sable.
I have to tell you something. I don't like Armand. He's bossy, just like Tia said, but he's not nice to me. I stay away from him. He's always struttin' around like he's some king or something. He needs to go on a diet, that's what he needs! You can tell he's had one too many pudding cups!
Now, Tia, she's all right. But my best buddy is Jackson! He loves to play, and we have so much fun. I'm so glad those babies are gone - I'm much too young and beautiful to be saddled with a family. They were so messy! Whew! I don't think I'm cut out for motherhood, so it's a good thing I'll never have to worry about that again. I'm tired of boys anyway. My mama was right - they only want one thing, and then they're gone! I noticed I was the only one doing the feeding and the cleaning. HE was nowhere to be found! I'm telling all you girls right now - stay away from the boys! They say all the right things, but they don't mean it!
Gotta go. It's time for a little snack and a nap. Life is tough around here, but I think it's going to get tougher. There's someone new in the bathroom and who knows who it is, but in the front room are aliens! I'm not sure what they are, but they scare me. Let's stop talking about them because, well just because. I'm outta here! Come see me soon!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi, I'm Tia!

Well, hello there! I'm Tia, and yes, I am gorgeous. With my long, soft fur and topaz eyes, I have got it going on! None of that skinny look for me! I'm looking good, good, good - all 14 pounds! No, I AM NOT fat! I'm fluffy and voluptuous! I'm good for cuddling and snuggling, and don't let anybody tell you that short-haired cats are best. You can use me as a pillow, and I'll listen to your secrets and share your dreams.
Armand, as I'm sure you've figured out, is bossy and a snob. He thinks just because he's the biggest cat here, he's in charge. In charge of what, I'd like to know? Not me! I'm in charge of me! And he's not quick enough to catch Jax. Liza just ignores him, and that makes him mad. But Armand is really a good brother. He took care of me when we first got here and made me feel like everything was going to be okay. He was right, but don't tell him. You know how men are - they like to think they know everything!
Oh my gosh! Have you SEEN those aliens? They got out the other night, and we all ran! Except Jax, of course, because he LET them out! I just don't know what to think about those things.
These Mom People need to do something. AND, there's someone new in the bathroom. I hope it's a new man! We need some more guys around here. They all left, and yes, I'm glad they found forever homes, but I'm a little lonely. Maybe somebody will come and take me home. I'm working on standing on my hind legs to give face rubs. That'll make someone want me. I just gotta keep practicing!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Am Armand!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself. I am Armand! I feel I must tell you that being in charge of these sometimes unruly felines is a job that only I can do. When I arrived, things were in disarray, but I am working diligently to bring order and dignity to this place. It is true that I arrived in a somewhat disheveled condition: wet fur, dirty, and scared. There was this big storm that Tia and I were subjected to, and when we arrived, we were less than perfect. But now, just look at my soft gray fur; my gorgeous green eyes will melt your heart; and most of all, I have so much love to give.
I feel that surely someone out there will look at me and see what I see everyday when I look in the mirror - I am perfect! I will look perfect on your bed, at your feet, in the window sill, and at the food bowl. Tia, my sister, comes close to me in perfection, but alas, she is not quite there yet. I am turning the computer over to her since I can see that Jax is being disruptive and must be counseled. Dashing madly about the house is creating havoc! And now look! He's trying to let the aliens out! I must go! Remember, if you too adore perfection, we need to talk!

Liza Gets the First Turn

Hello everybody! I just never thought I would get to tell my story, but finally, here I am. Oh my gosh! I am truly lucky to be here! My time was up and things were looking grim, but being a very good kitty saved my life! I've been here for about 3 months, and everybody tells me someone will come along and know that I am just the perfect cat, and then Poof! I'll be gone and have my own home. That's what I dream about at night.
Piper, my best friend, went to her new home this week, and I'm so happy for her. She never believed anybody would give a blind cat a second chance, but look what happened. Lauren and Steve fell in love with her, and now she's first in somebody's heart. Wow, surely that can happen for me! Okay, okay, I'm turning the computer over to Armand (he's so bossy).
Remember, I'm Liza, and I can melt your heart. Send me a note, and I'll get back to you.
Stop it, Armand. I'm getting off!

Time to Get Going Again - Lots to Tell

Okay, okay, I've been gone for awhile, but it IS kitten season, and like everybody, we've been scrambling to save what we can. AND, let's not forget the adults - there are so many out there that are truly "dying" for homes. Some familiar faces are gone - to wonderful homes with caring people who support rescue! We salute them for sure!

We have been so busy that the cats have gotten mad at me for not telling their story, so I'm going to try to do better. They have so much to say, and they want people to know about them, but before I let them have the keyboard, let me just say that we are in need of volunteers. If you are interested in donating a couple of hours a week, we would really appreciate it. We need people who can clean and play with the cats. Cleaning is not fun - but the cats are great!
If you find that you can donate some time on a regular basis, please contact us at
Now, I'm turning it over to the cats....Everybody can't have a turn today, so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Have to Take Care of Piper!

"Okay, everybody, gather around. We have to have a meeting! We have a new arrival, and she's special. We have to discuss some things. Astro, Cosmo, come on. Get out of the cabinets! You know they don't like that!"
"George, you're no fun. Just don't tell on us, okay? What's up?"
"Let me introduce you to Piper. She just arrived, and she's going to tell us about herself. Now, pay attention! All of you need to hear this."
"Hi, I'm Piper. I hope all of you will be my friend, but right now, I'm just a little nervous. I just left the only home I've ever known, and I'm a little afraid. All of you seem so sure of yourselves, and you all just run and play and seem to have fun, but it scares me."
"It's okay, Piper. You can play with us! We love new friends! You'll love the cat tower and all the cool stuff in here. Just wait - it's great!"
" Well, that's the thing. I can't see to do all the things you do. I can't see at all out of this eye, and mostly I see light and dark and motion our of this other one. I can't climb things because I have no front claws. I'm sorry. Can I still be your friend?"
"Of course, Piper! We'll take care of you. Don't you worry about not being able to get up on things. We'll come down here to talk to you. And, there are plenty of Mom People around here to love on you."
"Oh! That's what I love best of all! I adore being held and cuddled. It makes me feel so safe. I can snuggle close, and I just adore making biscuits. Will they really come in and hold me a lot? I miss having my family. I'm five years old, and I'm so afraid no one will ever want me. Who wants a cat that can't see?"
"Piper, you are so beautiful, and we can tell you have a kind and loving heart. Someone will fall in love with you, and you'll have a wonderful home once again. It will happen. You just have to believe! We all believe it will happen for us one day!"
"Thank you so much for letting me feel okay about being here. If I get lost, can one of you help me?"
"Piper, we'll all help you! You're one of the group now. Okay guys, introduce yourselves. And Piper, behind those door are Mama Cats with kittens, so be careful. They are not nice. But the rest of us, we love you!"
"Hi, I'm Astro!"
"Hi, I'm Cosmo!"
"Hi, I'm Taffy."
"Hello, I'm Henry."
"Hello, and I'm George. I'm the president here. Welcome, Piper!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

They're Everywhere!

"George, did you and Henry see those things? There must be a MILLION! Where did they come from?"
"Astro, I did see them. Jax, did you see them? Can you believe we all looked like that one time? It's hard to believe they're going to grow up and be big. They're so little!"
"Kittens! Everybody is so silly about them. All this oohing and aahing! What about us? We're cute, too!"
"Astro, nobody said you weren't cute, but there's just something about being little. When they all get together, they're pretty funny. They fall and run into each other, and man, they can eat! I don't think anybody will look at us till all those kittens are gone. We may have a long wait for a forever home. Henry, do you remember how nice it was to have a home? I miss it, I really do. Cosmo, you and Astro had a home. Do you miss it?"
"I miss it so much! I loved being someone's special cat. Here, we're all special, but I want my own person. I wonder if it will ever happen again?"
"Well, guys, you were the lucky ones. I've never had a home. Me and Rudolph, well now he's somebody's special cat. I'm going to bed tonight and dream about having my own home. Maybe my dreams will come true."
"Well, before we go to bed, let's check out those kitten things one more time. They're actually kinda funny. They're just noisy!"
"Astro, I think you like them! You won't admit it, but you do. Okay, let's go look at them. I think they're eating."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It Finally Happened!

"Hey, guys! Hey! Guess what? It's me! It's me! It's my turn!"
"Calm down, Rudolph. What's going on? What are you talking about?"
"George, George, you were right! There IS someone out there for all of us! They found me! My forever family found me! I've got a new home! I'm finally the special one!"
"Rudolph! Really? You're leaving? You're going to a new home? Oh, Rudolph! What will I do without you? Everyone is leaving! I'm going to miss you so much. I'm so sad! Rudolph, please tell me you're just joking."
"Taffy! No, it's for real. I'm going to a new home, and I'll have a new sister named Trixie. She's all black and guess what? She likes to play! I just can't wait. I've never had a home before, and I'm so excited! Do you really think they'll like me? What if I mess up, and they don't want me? What should I do?"
"Rudolph, just be yourself. Everybody likes you! We are going to miss you though, aren't we Henry?"
"Rudolph, you are going to love having a home. You will be special every day. You will get hugs and kisses, and you won't have to worry about being alone. You are so lucky, and I'm so happy for you. You have waited a long time, and we told you your day would come. Well, it's here, and good for you."
"Taffy, please don't look so sad. You will be the special kitty one day. Someone out there wants a gorgeous torti with no tail. I think you are the prettiest torti around."
"Thanks, Rudolph, but I've been waiting most of my life, and it seems I'm just not what anyone wants. I try to kind and loving. I keep my fur silky soft. I never cause problems, but it just never seems to happen. I will miss you forever, Rudolph."
"Rudolph, we will all miss you. Let us know how you're doing. We had a home once, me and Henry, so we know you are going to love it. We really believe that there is someone out there who will give us a second chance, and Taffy, you will get your chance, too. Astro, don't be sad. See, Rudolph thought his time would never come, and look what's happened. We just have to be patient. Rudolph, we love you! We will miss you, but we are so happy for you! Good luck in your new life, and don't forget about us. We'll always be your special friends, and wherever you go, take us with you in your heart. Bye, Rudolph! Bye! Have a happy life!

Congratulations to Rudolph and his new family! We know he will have a great life, but we will miss him. Thank you, Sue, for adopting a rescue kitty! We all know they are the best! Bye, Rudolph!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Road Trip! Road Trip!

"Attention! Attention! I have an annoucement! Attention, please!"
"Yeah, yeah, Menow. What is it? More about your "royal blood" or that stupid bassinet, excuse me, throne, you sleep in?"
" Shut up, Astro. Menow has something to tell us. We're listening, Menow."
"Rudolph, you always take up for Menow. What are you, his protector?"
"If I may have your attention, please. I do have an important announcement to make that I think all of you will want to hear. I am taking a road trip!"
"A road trip! Menow, cats don't take road trips! What are you talking about?"
"Taffy, I am taking a road trip to sunny Florida! I am going to Tampa Bay. I am leaving tomorrow."
"Menow, can I come, too? You need me, Menow. What about me?"
"Alas, Rudolph, you can't come. I will miss you terribly, and I thank you for watching out for me. I will always remember you. You are a good and true friend."
"Menow! Aren't you coming back? What do you mean, miss me? What's going on?"
"Rudolph, I have a new home with a new mom. Who would have ever thought that someone would want me, but there you have it. I have a new sister, also a royal Burmese named Amy, but I do so wish I could take you, Rudolph. You, I will truly miss."
"No, Menow! Please don't go! You're my friend! Who will wash your face at night? Who will cuddle with you when you are cold? Who will protect you from kitties that want to be mean to you? Menow, take me with you!"
"Rudolph, if only I could! This is the way it is supposed to be. We come together for a while, make wonderful friends, but if we are lucky, someone offers us a new home. I never thought it would happen again for me. But it will happen for you one day. I promise. Your family is out there somewhere."
"Everybody keeps telling me that, but I don't think it's true. I've never had a family, so I don't think I believe them. Menow, you're leaving me. I'm so sad. You were my bestest buddy. I'll be alone, now. I'll never be anybody's special cat. I guess I'm just not special. Menow, I'm happy for you, I really am."
"I will miss all of you. I am taking my throne with me, and I will be transported in style with two attendents. I promise to send word of my new kingdom. Taffy, I apologize for anything I might have done to offend you. Rudolph, don't cry. Please, Rudolph, come back! Don't be sad! I have to go - it's the way this works. George, please watch out for Rudolph. He will need a friend. Good luck to all of you. May each of you find a perfect home with a caring family. I take my leave of you now. George, Henry, Astro, Cosmo, Taffy, Serenity, Macie, Hayley, Skyler, and all those "rats," I wish you a happy life. Rudolph, I will never forget you.

Menow left for his new home in Tampa Bay, Florida with his new owner,
Hana. He is being "escorted" by his attendents, Lori and Emily, and we
wish him the best. We will miss him so much, but we are so happy for him.
Have a great life, Menow! Congratulations to Hana!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look at all the Babies!

Hayley had three, then Macie had six. Now, Hayley has six, and Macie has three! They will be five weeks old this weekend. Ready mid- May!

Hayden: The explorer! Brave, intrepid, first to try everything!
Harmony: The runt, but Ms. Personality!
Hootie: A BIG boy but a sweetheart!
Madigan: Colorful a definitely a lap kitten. Loves her some people.
Mango: Trying to be a big kitty, braver than he should be.
Matrix: Wants loving all the time - going to be someone's angel cat.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sneakin' Around Gets You in Trouble! by Rudolph

"Okay, I've about had it around here! Do you know that I spent the whole night on the shelf in the bathroom because that new Siamese Mama Cat is just about the meanest and scariest thing I've ever seen? I don't care what ANY of you say - she can whip us all and at the same time! That was the worst night of my life, and I don't mean maybe. "
"Well, Rudolph, you're the one that snuck in there and hid. You got what you deserved. It's hard to feel sorry for you."
"Thanks, George. I appreciate your support. How was I to know it was another of those Mama Cats? Yeah, I knew it was a cat 'cause she came out and met me, but when I went in there, it was all different. Whew! I thought I was done for. That's the closet I've ever come to, uh, well, you know, being an angel kitty."
"Rudolph's a wimp! Rudolph's a wimp! He's afraid of girlie cats! He's afraid of girlie cats!"
"I don't care what you call me, Astro. You go in there and see what happens to you. You got rolled out here in the big room; I had to spend the whole night with that wicked woman. I'm lucky I'm still alive."
"Did you even introduce yourself to her, Rudolph, or did you just go barreling in like you usually do? You have no manners sometime."
"Introduce myself? Are you nuts? I was too busy trying to climb the wall or hang from the ceiling to get away from her! I tell you, she's a wicked, wicked woman!"
"Rudolph, she's not a "woman." She's just a young girl with babies of her own. Six of them! She probably thought you came to hurt them."
"Well, I know who got hurt, and it wasn't the babies. Do you know that I had to sleep all day just to get over the trauma? Ain't goin' back in there, no how, no way. I'm through with these mama cats."
"Rudolph, you have to admit it was your fault for being so sneaky. Did you get to see the kittens? What do they look like?"
"Rats! More rats! There are three white ones that are Siamese like her, two gray ones, and one that looks like Taffy. Just what we don't need! More rats! This place is over run with them. Let's tell Mom People enough is enough!"
"Well, they do need to be saved. After all, we all came from the same place, and it the Mom People hadn't saved us, we wouldn't be here. So, don't you think it's selfish to not be glad they were saved?"
"Okay, Saint George. Yes, they needed to be saved, but you go spend a night with a Mama Cat and see what you think. I don't care how big you are, you would be toast, just like the rest of us who have faced a Mama Cat. Public Enemy #1 in this house is Mama Cats! All in favor, raise your paw! All opposed - I didn't think so. It's done. Mama Cats are declared scary and to be avoided at all costs."

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camille Finds a Home - Jealousy Rules!

"Hey guys! Guess what? Camille found a home! She left yesterday with her new mom. Isn't that wonderful?"
"George! Are you serious? That's fabulous! I have to admit though, I'm jealous."
"Taffy, just hang on. Your turn will come. Someone is bound to see you and know you are just the perfect cat for them."
"What about you, George? Aren't you just a little sad that no one has shown up and wanted you and Henry?"
"No, we'll be okay. I just keep my spirits up by remembering that I have been lucky for nine years when sometimes kitties don't get even half that. Me and Henry were two of the lucky ones, and I know that we will get lucky again. We just have to wait for that special someone to come along that wants two BIG black and white boys. Until then, I'll be patient."
"Well, I've never had a home of my own, so I'm jealous. I wonder why no one ever wants me? Do you really think I'll get a real home someday, George? You always seem so sure."
"Guys, don't let it get you down. You are as special as any cat here. You'll see. There might be somebody right now reading about you Taffy, and you, Rudolph, and the next thing you know, you'll be heading off to a new home. Even Menow has someone interested in him, and he's fifteen years old! It can happen."
"Thanks, George. You always make me feel better. Let's be happy for Camille. Poor girl. She couldn't hear a thing we said! I wonder if she's sleeping with her new mom tonight? Wow! Wouldn't that be great! I can't wait for a real home!"
"Okay, who wants to do the speech? Rudolph? Taffy? Astro? You want to do it, Henry? Okay, go for it!"
"Congratulations, Camille, on your new home! We'll miss you, but we are sooooooooo happy for you. Tell your new mom to give you lots of treats, and don't forget about us here!

Congratulations, Whitney, on your adoption of Camille! Thank you for
choosing a rescue cat Everyone is cheering for you and Camille!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just What is a Siamese Cat?

"George, what's a Siamese? Is it those funny colored cats like that Mama in there in that room? She has two babies, so I'm staying away from her, but I keep hearing about them."
"Astro, Cosmo, it's just a kind of cat. Kinda like Menow there. You know, he's certain breed of cat. With him, it's Burmese."
"Well, what are we? What's our breed? I've never heard those Mom People call us any particular kind of cat. Mostly what I hear is "Cosmo, get down! Cosmo, stop it! I don't think that's a breed of cat."
"If you would quit being so nosy, you wouldn't get screamed at all the time! You know what you did the other day. You knocked everything off the shelves in the laundry room, then you tried to act all innocent. Everybody knew it was you!"
"Okay, Judgey Wan-Kanobi! Mr. Perfect! You never do anything wrong! All I ever hear is how wonderful George and Henry are! Well, me and Astro like to have fun, and what's fun is exploring! I'm gonna go on a field trip first chance I get. I'm gonna discover things! But anyway, what breed of cat are we?"
"We're all domestic short-hairs. Except Macie is a domestic long-hair, and I think her babies are gonna be that, too."
"Is that a good breed? Are we special? We all look different, so how can we all be the same? Menow looks real different with those spooky eyes and snotty attitude, and all those Siamese look alike, but we're all different. What's up with that?"
"Well, we have different colors, but we really are a breed. We are special! Don't let anybody tell you different!"
"Let's make Rudolph go in there and look at all those Siamese cats. If he don't get beat up, then the rest of us can go. He'll do it. You tell him to go, George. He'll listen to you!"
"Hey, Rudolph! Come here! George has something to tell you!"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They're Everywhere! Somebody Save Us!

"Okay, this has gone too far. They're everywhere! Kittens in the bathroom - both bathrooms now, and they say they have even more. What in the world are they thinking? All these Mama Cats with babies! We are NOT a home for wayward kitties!"
"Taffy, you're just jealous because these are some hot Mamas! Macie and Hayley and that babe they brought in today - mmm -mmm! Somebody called her a "Siamese" whatever that is. All I know is that she is one pretty girl!"
"Rudolph, you disgust me! You are just looking for a pretty face! That Siamese momma would whip your behind in a flash. You better not look at her babies! Remember what happened to Astro!"
"Yeah, Rudolph! Don't think it can't happen to you! I was walking across the floor minding my own business, and the next thing I knew, I was rolling on the floor and something was ripping out my fur! Watch out for those Momma Cats no matter how pretty they are. They are not nice."
"Okay, gang, here it is. We've got Macie in there with her six rats. Hayley's in there with her three rats, and now there's Siamese Momma with her three tiny rats. Did I hear someone say they're two bigger kittens about 5 months old?"
"Yeah, George, there are two more of those "Siamese" things, but they're not rats. They might make good playmates. "
"Henry, you should be more mature than to want to play with kittens. Remember, we have to set an example for all these cats and kittens. They depend on us. Except Menow who thinks he's better than the rest of us. Look at him over there in his "throne." Ridiculous."
"Okay, anyway, as I was saying, let's check out some of Macie's babies. I think their eyes are opened now, so maybe they look better."
"Do you think anybody will ever want us? I mean, with all these kittens, will anybody ever want to take us home with them? We were kittens once, too. When is it our turn?"
"Taffy, one day someone will see you and fall in love with your silky fur and sweet nature, and you'll have a home all your own. I promise, one day it will happen. It will happen for all of us someday. We just have to keep our paws crossed and hearts ready. Let's check out the kittens."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Babies Are Getting Bigger!

"Those rat things are looking more and more like kittens every day! Have you seen them, Menow?"
"No, Taffy, I have not. Nor do I want to. Kittens are so... so creepy. They're little and squirmy and look funny. I do not care to associate with such."
"Menow, you are such a snob! You were a kitten once, and I'll bet you were plain scary with those big eyes! Talk about creepy!"
"Cosmo, you should talk. You have the flattest face and no nose to speak of. Besides, I am sure I was a beautiful kitten. Just look at my fur and my markings. I can assure you, I was not creepy in the least. All of you are just jealous because my Mom Person bought me such a lovely bed. I shall heretofore refer to it as my "throne."
"Get a life, Menow. You were abandoned at the shelter just like the rest of us. No one wanted you either, so quit putting on airs. You can bet someone will want those kittens. Everybody loves a kitten. We're just cats. I keep hoping someone will come along and fall in love with one of us, but with kitten season starting, it going to be tough. I think those kittens are pretty cool, but Hayley, that Mom Cat, is mighty scary!"
"George, I can't believe you're afraid of a Mom Cat. I thought you loved everybody!"
" You saw what she did to Astro. It's best to take no chances with her. Astro, how's your ear?"
"Don't talk to me about that Mom Cat. I don't care how cute those babies are. She's mean and hateful, and I'm staying out of her way!"
"Well, as I was saying, kittens are not my cup of tea, and those Mama Cats, well, they are somewhat disturbing. I much prefer my ladies to be, shall we say, unencumbered?"
"Menow, you think you are so high-falutin' and special! Let's look at Hayley's kittens!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama Cats are NOT to be Messed With!

"Dear God in Heaven, what was that?"
"Poor Astro! You have blood on your ear!"
"Something just rolled me across the floor and under the scratching post! That hurt! I heard one of the Mom People scream, but what happened? I never saw a thing! I was walking over to jump up on the cat tree and look out the window, and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back and something was biting me. It moved so fast, I never even I got a chance to see it! We need to tell the Mom People that there is something bad in here, and it's after us."
"Astro, you just got rolled by a cat less than half your size."
"No way, George! That was no cat! That was a chain saw of some sort. Look at my ear! You don't know what you're talking about. A cat! That's ridiculous!"
"I'm afraid George is right, Astro. That was not just any cat. That was a MAMA CAT! They are hell on paws when they think you might be gonna hurt their babies!"
"Babies? What babies? I've never seen babies! I tell you, that was not a cat. There's something evil in this house. It was way bigger than me! I slid all the way across the floor. A cat. That's ridiculous."
"Don't you know, Astro, that in that bathroom is a Mama Cat and her babies. She looked out the door, saw you, and before that Mom Person could get the door closed, you were rolling across the floor. Look! Is that some of your fur over there?"
"Oh, no! It IS my fur! Look, quick, quick! Do I have a bald spott? Taffy, stop sniggering. Next time, it might be you!"
"Astro, you'll live. Look! The bathroom door is opening!"
"GET out of my way, Taffy! I'm outta here! Run, run! Run for your lives! The door is opening! Move, move, she might come out! Oh no! It's a Mama Kitty! Run!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Career Search: Top Hot Cat Jobs!

In a poll taken yesterday, the following jobs were ranked as most important and most coveted. This is an unscientific poll since only 10 cats were polled. (14 if you count kittens who got only half a vote.)
1. Lap warmer
2. Alarm Clock
3. Drip Licker
4. Dish Washer
5. Rug Rearranger (Rudolph wanted to vote 5 times for this.)
6. Fur Distribution Manager (Shedding season!)
7. Toilet Bowl Inspector (Astro's personal favorite)
8. Window Sill Investigator
9. Mouse and Bug Tracker
10. Contortionist
11. Paper Weight
12. Place Holder
13. Olympic High Jumper
14. ** Smile Maker (Human's personal choice!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm in Love! by Rudolph and George

"Have you seen that babe in the bathroom?" Man oh man, she is one hot mama!"
"Back off, Rudolph! She's mine! I've been whispering sweet nothings under the door, but she hasn't responded yet. It's just a matter of time, so you might as well just let it go!"
"I saw her first, George! I heard the Mom People talking about her, and you can whisper all the nothings and somethings you want, but she won't hear you! Ha! You thought you had the inside track because she's in the bathroom in your room, but he-he! All for nothing! She's deaf!"
"Rudolph, it don't matter none that she can't hear. It's all about chemistry, and she and I have it! You just wait until she comes out and watch the master at work. Smooth and sly, hip and hot, that's me with the ladies. You don't stand a chance. You've got some growing up to do before you know how to talk to the ladies. You're still chasing Taffy around because you're afraid she'll figure out you like her. You're such a child, Rudolph. Leave this new babe to me."
"George, she's too young for you! You're old enough to be her daddy, but I'm just right. I'm not gonna chase her. I'm going walk right up, sniff that butt, and you'll see chemistry in action! Me and Camille are gonna walk off into the sunset together. You just wait - you may have more experience, but I've been practicing. She's gonna be amazed when she sees me shoot up those cat trees, hang upside down from the perch, slide across the floor on my back, and tiptoe across the window sills. It'll be love at first sniff!"
"Rudolph, don't get your hopes up. She's too pretty to be here long. Somebody's gonna come and take her away."
"Well, maybe they'll take me too, George. Maybe we'll get to go together. Now, that's what I call a chance at Kitty Heaven! See you, George! I've got some practicing to do!"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Baby Hootie!

Poor Hootie! He and his sisters, Hayden and Harmony, are a week old today, and he had to go to the vet. He has an infection in his eye, and it could cause blindness. The vet is hopeful since we got him in so quickly. Hayden and Harmony are fine, but we will be watching.
Now, here's the problem. The babies' eyes are not open yet, and the vet says I need to put medication in the small (microscopic?) hole where the infection is coming out. Hmmm. Well, the first indication I had that this might be difficult was the tone in her voice when she told me. Then, she avoided my eyes and said, "Well, try." Next, he has to have amoxi twice a day. They brought me a syringe about the size of a hair. Again, no one is really looking at me. The vet suggests I try a warm, damp compress twice a day. After terrifying me, they weigh the babies, and well, we're certainly not having any problems in the eating department. Harmony and Hayden weigh 8.5 ounces and Hootie weights 9.5! And here I thought they were small!
Okay, home we go. I get everybody settled, and then commence treatment. First, warm compress. Screams, shrieks, and piercing cries! Mom to the rescue - in my lap, in my face, nose 1 inch from mine, glaring and snorting. Baby down. Pet mom, try baby again. Screams, shrieks, ear-splitting cries. Mom once again in my face, huffing angrily this time. Baby down. Pet Mom. Get baby again and step outside down. Screams, shrieks, wails. All other cats in house run for cover. Dog pees in the floor. Mom flings herself against door. I get medicine on microscopic hole. Baby wailing. Mom growling behind door. I manage to get amoxi down baby who sobs. Open door, put baby down in bed, Mom promptly licks off medicine and glares at me. Redo medicine. Baby screams, Mom paces. Hold baby and snuggle; still crying. Mom clawing at foot. Put baby down with Mom. All is quiet. I feed Mom as a peace offering. Clean up mess. Wipe sweat off face. Kiss all babies goodnight. Close door. Search for other cats. Clean up dog pee.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things are Getting Crazy Around Here!

"Cosmo, come quick! Look at this! Can you believe it? Menow has a bassinet! Is that not the most disgusting thing you have ever seen?"
"Look at him sitting in there looking all sweet and innocent. I can't believe they got him a bassinet. He's old! That's supposed to be for babies. They should put those creepy rat-like kittens in the bassinet, not him. I agree, Astro. This place is getting weird. I was so relieved when we first got here out of that scary shelter, but I don't know about this. What are they gonna drag in here next, A DOG?"
"Okay, guys, the day they bring in a dog in here, me and Henry are packing our bags and catching the kitty express outta here! I know all you guys are a little freaked out by the kittens, but they're not so bad. They're pretty clueless and silly, and just think, we can all help them grow up the right way. Course you gotta watch out for those Mama Kitties. They can be pretty tough customers no matter how little and dainty they look. Mamas are mean felines!"
"George, you know so much, but them kittens are freakin' me out! They're so little and they sound just like rats. I so wanted rats! Now, that woulda been so cool! I was having dreams about chasing them rats, but you're telling me that those Mama Kitties are going slap us all silly if we mess with them kittens. What fun is that?"
"Rudolph, if you chase a kitten, there won't be enough of you to scrape up off the floor and put in Menow's bassinet. By the way, look over there at him now. He got his strait jacket off and he's looking all innocent. I know that one Mom Person calls it a "sweater" but it's a strait jacket, and a good thing too. The less he can move around, the better for us all!"
"Okay, here they come! Everybody get in their place and look "cat-like." We don't want to give away our secrets. Quick, Taffy! Get on your pillow! Menow, get your pitiful thing going. Cosmo, Astro, go hide. Me and Henry are going to be right here, looking just like .....cats!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Not Rats in the Bathrooms! Oh No!

"This is horrible! How could they? How could they do that to us? I wanted rats or at least mice! I had it all planned out about how I was going to chase them and bat them around. It was going to be the bestest fun in all the world, but it's not rats!"
"Shut up, Rudolph! You didn't really think they were going to bring us rats. People don't like rats, and they don't like to think about what we can do to them with our sharp little teeth and dagger-like claws. Sorry, Menow. I know you don't have either, but oh well. "
"You better watch it, Taffy. I can still take you. I notice you run from me all the time. Scared?"
"Of you? You're a toothless old man with no claws, oversized eyes, and you wheeze!"
"Taffy! That's rude! Menow can't help it! Anyway, let's get back to the real problem. The "NOT RATS" in the bathrooms. They're kittens! Kittens! How terrible is that? What are we going to do?'
"Why do anything? Kittens won't hurt you, Rudolph. You were awful brave last night, you and Cosmo, running up and down outside the bathroom, that is until you heard that scary scream, then you both hid. Not so brave, after all!"
"George, we didn't hide. We just quit playing and decided to go behind the couch and rest. We wanted to be sure not to disturb anybody. Yes, Astro was back there, too. And Taffy. And Menow. It was a little tight, but we weren't scared. We were just being helpful by being quiet and calm.
"Well, I can tell you one thing. These Mom People are messing up. They need to be careful about who they allow in this house. What do they know about these two Mama cats? I mean, come on, pregnant? And that young? What were they thinking?
"You're just jealous, Taffy!
"Jealous? I'm not about to lose my figure for some bad boy alley cat that just loves you and leaves you. Huh! You wait and see. They'll regret this. Those "kitties of the night" are going to be problems for us all!"
"Do you think we might get to see the kittens any time?'
"Shut up, Rudolph. Remember? We don't LIKE the kittens!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mama and Babies Arrived Today!

Mama and babies arrived today from the shelter in Franklin County. They were born last night at the shelter, and we got a call asking if we could take them. Aren't they wonderful?

We want some help naming them, so if you have a suggestion, please give us your ideas in a post to the blog. Watch them grow up and get ready for new homes. There are two little girls, the dilute calicos, one boy, a gray and white, and Mama girl, a beautiful gray andwhite. She's young, but she's doing such a good job caring for her little ones.

If anyone wants to put in an order for one of these babies, you could come and visit as they grow. Guaranteed to be sweet, loving, and absolutely adorable.

Watch for updates about these little ones and Mom.

Mom People! Rats in the Bathroom!

"Menow! Taffy! Come here quick! I heard them! I heard them! I think they put rats in the bathroom! You know that call they got this morning? You know they rushed out, then came back and went in the bathroom? Well, they went and got some rats and put in there. I heard them making squeaking sounds, and I'll just bet they got them for us. "
"Rudolph, are you sure you heard rats? I just don't think they went and got rats for us. Sure, they love us, but most humans don't like rats."
"Listen! Listen! You can hear them! Hear that squeaking sound? And you can hear the big one moving around. Rats! I'm so excited! I wonder when we get to chase them?" And we thought it was kittens!"
"I just don't know, guys. Maybe it's not rats. Maybe they're mice. That would be even better. Okay, if they have rats in that bathroom, what's in the other one? And where did they go this morning?"
" Okay, I know that, Rudolph, Menow. I heard them talking about going to get something that had just been born last night, and whoever called seemed to want them to go away soon. That's why, Rudolph, I think you might be right. They said something about them being born in a cage at "ac" whatever that is, but rats would be in a cage wouldn't they? They must really love us to go get some rats for us to play with. I hope they're not too big. I've never chased a rat before!"
"Well, I have chased many a rat, and I've killed every rat that came my way. Rats are nothing! Nothing! I can take one out with one swipe of my paw!"
"Menow, you don't have any claws, and you've always been a house cat. You're just making that up and trying to look tough."
" Okay, now, here's the plan. When they come in, I'll hang around the bathroom door, and Menow, you and Taffy create a diversion. I'll dart in, and check it out. Get Cosmo and Astro to help. Don't tell George. He won't believe us, and he might tell them what we're going to do. Rats! How exciting! I just can't wait!"

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Turbo and Angus Have New Homes!

Everybody here is happy to announce that Turbo and Angus have new families! Rudolph misses Turbo terribly, and Taffy is sad that her big gentle giant is gone, but we keep telling them their turn will come.

Congratulations to Meliss and Anthony who added Turbo to their home.

And congratulations to Dorianne who fell in love with Angus and took him home today.

Thank you to both of these adopters who chose rescue cats. We appreciate their kind and caring hearts!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's Something in the Bathroom! by Rudolph, Menow, Taffy, Cosmo, Astro, George, Angus, and Henry

"Psst! George! Go in and there and see what's in the bathroom!"

"You go, Rudolph! You're the nosy one. Besides, I'll bet it's nothing. What's the big deal?"

"George! You know good and well that's where they put the new cats! They've brought another one in here, and I can tell you right now, it better be a girl! I'm tired of being the only one around here with a lick of sense. You boys need etiquette lessons, and I need a friend."

"Taffy, I love you. I think you are just peachy keen!"

"Angus, I thank you for that. At least you have some ability to appreciate the finer things in life. The rest of these heathens, well, maybe not George, but the rest of them just make me want to pack my bags and walk out that door!"

"Listen! Someone said something in the bathroom. Are there TWO cats in there? What were the Mom People thinking about? We don't need more cats! Astro, come here and listen. How many cats do you think there are in there?"

"Cosmo, I can't see through the door. Move out of the way, and I'll lay down and try to see under the door. Ugh. I can't see a thing."

"I know what's in there?"

"You do? Menow, tell us! Who's in there? Is it another cat? Come on, Menow!"

"You won't like the answer. Are you ready?"

"Menow, quit teasing us! Who's in there? How do you know? Menowwwwwwwwww!"

"Okay, brace yourself.

I think it's kittens!"

"Hey, I told you you wouldn't like the answer. What happened to all the chatter? What's wrong with all of you? Hey, come on guys, how bad can it be? What's with all the long faces? Well, my goodness! You would think all of you were heading back to the shelter! Get over it and stop sulking!

Bunch of weanies."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Just Arrived!

Hi, I'm Cosmo, and this is Astro, my brother. We just got here a few days ago, and we are happy to be out of the very bad place. Life has been tough for awhile for us, and we're not sure why. We loved our first home, but then we found out that Dad was going to Iraq. But we knew he loved us, so we weren't too worried. We moved over to one of his friend's house, and things were okay at first. But then the baby came, and suddenly, we were in a little cage in a place where people were not always nice to us. We thought maybe Dad would come and get us, but instead, someone brought us here, and I have to say, this is pretty okay. There are other cats here: Rudolph is a mess, but I think he just wants to be friends. He needs to stop following me around and hitting my butt. Menow is just weird. He looks weird, he acts weird, and he walks weird. Angus is one big boy! He's okay, but he sure is big and fluffy. George is big too, but he's a cream puff. Henry, George's brother is all right, and Taffy, well she is as cute as a button, but she don't take nothing off nobody! Me and Astro spent two days hiding in the bathroom cabinet, but I've given him the all clear sign now, so we are moving on out and casing the joint. We're taking over just as soon as we get the lay of the land. Too bad we don't have front claws, or we would stage a coup right now. Okay, we'll get back to you later. I see that sunny perch is open and it's going to be mine, mine, mine!

I Miss Turbo by Rudolph

He left! He left me! I'm so sad. Who will I play with? First the kittens left. Then Hemingway left. Now Turbo. These Mom people keep telling me my day will come, and someone will see me and I'll be the one leaving, but right now, I'm just sad. He was my bestest buddy. He would chase me and let me chase him. He never got mad, and he was always up for some fun. I miss him, but I'm happy his special people came along. I thought for a few minutes they might take me too, but it didn't happen. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. Maybe I'll check out these two new cats, these orange and white guys. They look pretty cool. They're big like me, too, and I think we could be friends. Hmm-mm. I think I'll start with Cosmo. He seems a little more friendly than Astro. My Mom people tell me that I need to be a little more patient and quit following them around and jumping from behind things and scaring them. They say that's not the way to make friends, but hey! It worked with Hemmie and Turbo, so you know what they say: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Shhhhh. Here comes Cosmo... I'm going to hide in this cabinet, and when he comes close, I'm going to jump out and SURPRISE! Oh dear! I think I scared him. I wonder what that crashing sound was?

Thank you to all who cared...

We are all devastated that this story had such an unhappy ending, especially when we had such great hopes for the rest of Farley's life. In my mind, I already had him well, sunning on the cat perch beside the window and just waiting for the perfect home. What hurts the most is that the chance was there.
It was not to be however, and the thing I am most grateful for was to see what kind of people are out there looking out for the animals. What an amazing group, and I just know that the next time such a situation arises, this group will ride to the rescue again - and the ending will be better!
At Purr Partners, we truly believe that every cat has value. As stated in our mission statement, we believe that every cat has value far beyond just their value to humans.
Again, thank you to everyone who cared about Farley. We know we did the right thing in making the decision to have him euthanized, but it doesn't make it any easier. I am just so thankful that he didn't have to continue to suffer, and that at the end, he was surrounded by love. Yes, he was just a cat, but he had such value! All of these "just cats" should be treasured by someone, and for those who do not have that someone, we hope to be their voice.
We don't have a website yet, but you can contact us here or at
Again, to all of you who responded, and to all of you cared and may have cried just a little for Farley, we did good. We did real good.

Friday, February 20, 2009

In Memory of Farley

We don't know where you came from. We don't know your story. At some time, we hope, someone loved you. For some reason, you touched so many hearts, Farley, and while most of the people who were there for you at the end never even saw you, you WERE loved. You brought people together who don't really know each other, but we were united in trying to save you. When you cross the Rainbow Bridge, know that many people are crying a little tonight because you had a second chance at having a wonderful life and that was snatched away. We mourn you, Farley, and we celebrate you not only because you were you, but because you are a symbol of everything we are trying to change. Whatever happened to you along the way, we will believe that you once had a home, that you had a sunny window to sit in, a loving hand to rub you, and a warm bed to sleep in. You will make all of us try a little harder to save those cats out there who are struggling everyday to survive, who may be hurt and alone, and those who just need a second chance. For just a little while this week, you made us all feel good about doing something that mattered. We were a part of something that has great meaning to all of us, and it was because we looked at your picture, and our hearts broke.
We know you are at peace now, Farley. The pain is gone, and we will see you again across the Rainbow Bridge.
From all those who loved you and tried so hard to help you:
Lawanna, Dianne, Donna, Jeannie, Maryanne, Mary, Tia, Kim, Viv, Susan , Jennifer, Marie, Stella, Erica, Beverly, Kate, Talena, and Dr. Nicky Young and her staff. Bon Voyage!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Turbo Arrives

There are some strange cats here. I just arrived here last night, and I'm not sure what to think. That cat over there, I think they called him Menow, well, he made fun of the tufts on my ears. Like he can talk! What is with his eyes? Then there's that big fluffy red cat that walks around like he might own the place. He acts tough, but he's really an okay kinda guy. I wonder if he knows that torti has a crush on him? She's always sashaying by him with her little stump tail. I thought she might play with me, but I'm gonna have to rethink that a little. She just popped me, and it hurt! Hey though, I really like George. He's kind to everybody, and he's always got something nice to say. His brother, Henry, is a little shy, but he and George are a team. It must be nice to always be with someone who's got your back. But, I saved the good news for last. Rudolph is going to be my bestest buddy! He likes to run and play and climb and be silly and do all kinds of cool things, just like me! I think I'm going to like it here after all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Had a Bath! Submitted by Angus

Guess what happened to me? I had a bath! It was terrible, but I have to say my fur feels much better, and I must look pretty good, too because I'm sure getting all kinds of compliments. I'm just so happy to feel safe again that I didn't even mind the bath all that much. I guess that's the price you pay for long fur - beautiful fur if I do say so myself.
There are some crazy cats here. Rudolph has more energy than a locomotive, and Menow is such a con artist. Everybody knows about him but the humans. He has got them snowed! I like that Taffy cat, but I'm too shy to let her know. I really like the humans, and I love to be rubbed. Sometimes I get a little scared, but just because I'm big doesn't mean I have to be brave! One of the Mom persons says I make eye contact like no other cat she has ever met; well, that may be true, but I'm just so happy to be here, and thankful that I got out of that very scary place. I don't understand why my family didn't want me any more because I always tried to be a very good cat. I never scratched furniture, I got along with my sister, I loved being cuddled. I don't know what I did wrong, but maybe my next family will love me forever.
I think I'll go take a nap in the sun and wait to see if there is anybody out there who might like to give an older boy a home. I'm not old - I'm just mature!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Girls Rule! (Taffy Speaks)

Oh my goodness! These boys are just so annoying! They really need to get another girl in here to help me put these guys in their place. You just can't imagine some of the things they do. Take Menow. He's the worst. He sits over there in his heated bed and tries to look all pitiful when he is really such a snob. He chases me all the time, but just let him hear someone coming, and he dashes back to his chair and somehow manages to look like he might die at any moment. I can't STAND him! Rudolph is such a child. He goes everywhere at ninety miles an hour! I swear his feet have wings, but he does have a good heart. He never bothers me, not any more. He knows his place now. Angus is such a handsome dude, I can hardly stand it. I've got to figure out a way to get him to notice me. I can't wiggle my butt much more, or it might fall off! Hmm-mm. I do think that fluffy boy is gorgeous! And those eyes! To die for!
I'm glad Hemmie is gone. His feet were too big. Now, my feet are perfect. They're dainty and cute, just like the rest of me. I have the most luxurious fur! I have to say, I prefer people. I am just purrrrfect for rubbing, and if you forget, I'll remind you with a gentle tap. Maybe I could be therapy cat? I'd be really good at it!

Hemingway is Gone! by Rudolph

I'm so sad! Hemingway left today, and he was my bestest buddy. Now who's going to play with me? They say he got "adopted," but I'm not sure what that means. Whatever it is, I hope he's happy. Darn it! All the fun cats leave. First, the kittens left and now Hemmie. Maybe I'll get "dopted" too one day. My two Mom People say I have kitty ADHD which I think means they love me best. They laugh at me all the time and pick me up and kiss me, and I really really like that. I like Menow, but he just wants to sit in his warm bed. Taffy is a silly girl, and if I aggravate her too much, she'll slap me. But George is pretty cool. He's just a big ole boy that lets me do whatever I want, and don't tell anybody, but sometimes he encourages me to "Go for it, youngun!" Angus is okay, too, but he hates it when I run at him, and at the last minute, I jump WAY high and go over him!
Maybe another kitty will come that wants to play. Until then, I guess I'll have to play with toys, but they're not nearly as much fun. I miss Hemmie.

Monday, February 9, 2009

George and Henry

Talk about a gentle giant! That description fits George to a T. There has never been a sweeter, more loving boy, and he shows it every time he sees you. If you're not careful, he'll head butt you so hard it hurts. But he never means to. He craves attention and gives it in return. George may be a really big boy, but in his heart, he's a very gentle soul. He has no trouble with any other cat, male or female. He likes to play and adores finding a sunny window to curl up in. Henry is also a big boy, but he needs George's confidence to help him along. They sleep together, eat together, play together, and who knows what they talk about at night! George and brother Henry were sad for a long time, but they're happy now and waiting for someone to come along and fall in love with them. Their mom had to go into a homeless shelter, and they couldn't go. It looked bad for them, but then we decided they were just too special to end up in a kill shelter, and we were right! They are special! Henry is shy, but George takes care of him, and he manages the other cats as well...
"Here comes Rudolph...again. Good, he got distracted by the toy... again. Whoops! He's coming this way... again. Ah... a detour into the bathroom. Good thing he's got ADHD 'cause I'm headed into the front room to get that perch in the sun. Come on, Henry! Don't be a baby! "
"Wait, George! Wait! I'm coming! Let me stay beside you. Don't let Hemmie pounce on me with his big feet! I think he's got boxing gloves on. "
"Watch it, Hemmie. We're coming through. Hi there, Miss Taffy. You sure are lookin' good today. Henry, tell Taffy hi. She's a babe!"
"Hi, Taffy. Where did Hemmie go? I don't like his big feet, and he jumps so high! Look out, George! Here he comes! Ha! Rudolph got him. Look at them go!"
"Henry, look! Here come the people! Good, good, good! I can't wait! I LOVE people! Let me get ready for a kiss and a smooch. Come on, Henry! Let's get ready. We'll be first to get picked up and kissed. I LOVE people! "

Saturday, January 31, 2009

This Bed's Mine!

When Menow first came, we felt so sorry for him because he was old, his teeth were bad and had to be pulled, he was declawed on all fours, and he had asthma and allergies! Now, that's almost too much for one kitty to bear, but on top of that, he is always cold. So, he now has a baby bed with a heated pad and several super soft baby blankets. He adores this bed and you never come in that he's not in it. Now, he and Rudolph are best buddies even with the age difference. When Rudolph goes careening around the room, Menow gets into the act in a slower and slightly more arthritic way. But when it comes to that bed...
He's in my bed. Look at him, the big lunk. He's in my bed. I've got to go talk to that Mom Person. "Get him out! Get him out!" I'll just go over here and get in the bed anyway. That'll show him. He'll get out then.
"Scoot over, Punk. This is my bed. Don't lick my face! You have tuna breath! Stop hogging the bed! No, no! I don't want my face washed! Wash your own face! Stop!"
Hmm-mm, that actually feels pretty good. Okay, you can wash my face. Don't forget the eyes.
Let me remind you, Rudolph, that this is my bed and you can only be here when I say so. What? You like this bed? Don't get too attached, buster, because it's mine. It is warmer in here when we're together. Okay, you can sleep her as long as you don't kick.
No, I don't snore! I have allergies! You can always leave, you know. It is MY bed. I'd almost rather sleep with that fat torti, but I guess that's out of the question since I chased her around the room and made her hiss at me. I just like to watch that fat little butt with no tail wiggle.
"Scoot over, Rudolph! You can't have the whole bed! I'm telling on you if you don't stop!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Talk about big feet! Hemingway definitely lives up to his name with his six toes on every foot. When he pads around the room, it seems like his feet are just slapping on the floor. He's a pretty big guy anyway, and with his oversized feet, he is quite a presence. The other cats don't know what to make of him, but he ignores them except for Rudolph who is fascinated. Rudolph is desperate for a playmate, so he follows him around swiping at his butt then looking innocently away when Hemmie whirls around. It's easy to see that Rudolph want Hemmie to chase him, but it may be more than he bargains for. Hemmie outweighs him by about ten pounds. Every once in a while, Hemmie and Rudolph will sit back on their haunches and box. We haven't heard any negative "conversations" but we're watching those boys. Hemmie is so interested in everything you have to wonder what his life was like before he was turned in to animal control...
That cat better not touch my butt not one more time! I'm going to turn around and box his ears. He thinks I don't know he's back there, stalking me, but I know just what he's doing. There's this other big cat behind the couch, but I'm not sure about him. He's awfully big and kinda quiet, so I better leave him alone. He might be a wus, but he might not. I don't want to lose face here by getting whupped up on! Here that Rudolph cat comes again, sneaking around trying to smack my butt. I'm gonna get him... Hmm-mm. He don't back off none, and his legs are as long as mine so I didn't get a good punch in. That was kinda fun, but I'm not letting him know. Gotta be cool, 'specially since I'm the new kid on the block. WHAT WAS THAT? Was that a cat? Is there such a thing as a spidercat? A catspider? They're calling it "Menow" but I swear it moves like a spider. And those eyes! That thing is 'bout half my size, but I don't know... he's pretty scary. Dang! He got my butt again! Okay, that's it! Let's get it on, buddy! Your name may be Rudolph, but I'm gonna make it Mud!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


We couldn't call him Hitler, but that's the first thing you think when you see him because of his black mustache. But his personality is definitely not Hitleresque. His nickname is Pigpen because no matter how much you brush his fur, he just seems to be having a bad hair day! We try not to let him hear us call him that because he is such a good boy. When you pick him up, there's not a lot there, but he has such a good heart! He loves all the other cats, but his first love is canned food. Our guess is that he didn't get much food at all in his previous life, but it sure hasn't made him hold a grudge. Churchill was shot in the foot by his former owner's son, and it didn't make much difference to anybody in the family that he was suffering. After some surgery, he is doing wonderful, and we can't wait till someone falls in love with him. He likes to watch all the activity, but you have to wonder what he thinks about it all...
Pigpen. I know that's what they call me. They think I don't hear them, but how can I not? They're so loud! But I don't care what they call me as long as they keep that good food coming. I have to hurry up and eat mine or that big lunk Rudolph will come and try to take all the food. He puts that big paw on my face and pushes me away. If that doesn't work, he slides a sneaky foot into my bowl and pulls it toward him. They all think I'm the glutton, but it's Rudolph. In fact, he's the root of all evil here. He's the reason they can never find the rugs when they come in. Because of him, all the toys are under things or lost, and nobody gets to play with them. He hogs the cat trees. Attention: Everything in here does NOT belong to Rudolph! And that Menow. He's got everybody fooled. He's always after Paisley, and he's rude about it. He calls her "that fat torti." I just try to stay out of the way and not cause trouble. I have to say, though, I do like my perch in the sun. That is until Rudolph lands on top of me. But, this is a great place because everybody is good to me. My foot feels so much better, and I don't ever have to worry about being shot at again. Life is good even with Rudolph.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poor Angus! What people do to cats is amazing - amazingly cruel! Angus is a beautiful red tabby Maine Coon with long fur and huge eyes that watch you all the time. He is very shy, and when we got him, he hid for over two weeks. He wouldn't eat and lost weight. We called his previous owners, but they were uninterested in any problems he was having. He was a heartbroken guy. Did I mention that Angus is eleven years old, has a small heart murmur, and has only ever been in that one home? When we got him from animal control, he was so traumatized we were afraid he would get sick. You can imagine how relieved we were when one day he eased carefully out from behind the couch, approached timidly with eyes glued to my face, and rubbed on my hands! Since then, he has slowly started to trust again. He gained a half pound in a week, and he interacts with the other cats now. Rudolph of course bugs him trying to get him to play. Cookie ignores him, Taffy struts by him with her little nose in the air, and Menow pretends he doesn't exist. We have high hopes that someone will see Angus and fall in love with him and give him a truly forever home! As for Angus, well, he keeps his own counsel...
When people meet me, they always think that because I'm so big I must be brave. Why does everyone want me to be the baddest boy on the block? Haven't they ever heard of the cowardly lion? Well, he's my cousin. It runs in the family. When my family dumped me at animal control, I thought it was all over, and to be honest, I almost wished it was! I was so scared with dogs barking, strange people everywhere, and no one to hold me and tell me I was safe. Horrible! Then I came here, and while it was much better, I was still scared. All these strange cats that do strange things! There's that "thing" called Rudolph that whizzes all over the place, leaps from couch to chair to cat tree, and just about everytime, splats on the floor when he misses. You'd think he'd learn, but not him. There he goes again. Then there's that stuck up Menow. He guards that heated bed like it's his throne. Who made him king? Just because he has no claws and no teeth, they treat him like he's gold. I guess you have to get really old to get a little respect around here. They don't see how he is when they're gone. Now, Taffy is a fine little torti, and I know she likes me. She always manages to strut close by me when she could go clear across the room. She thinks I don't notice. Cookie is an okay guy. He don't bother nobody, but that fur of his! What is he thinking? I just can't imagine who they're going to drag in here next. Maybe what this really is is a home for wayward cats. Hmm-mm. What does that say about me? I have to say things are getting better. It's not so scary here, and I get lots of rubs and kisses, but I just wonder if anybody will ever want an older guy for their forever friend?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Then there's Menow. Fifteen years old, declawed on all four feet, two teeth left, asthma, allergies, and left at animal control in Franklin County, a kill shelter. The biggest eyes you've ever seen on a cat, and the sweetest personality imaginable. Loving and affectionate, he will break your heart. When we got him home, we discovered that this boy adores people, cuddles with you as long as you will let him, and loves toys. He also adores Rudolph. The two of them clean each others' faces, and Menow will play with Rudolph even though he looks like an old man with creaky joints and arthritis. We can't tell if he wants to play or if he just loves Rudolph. Menow is always cold, so he has a bed with a heating pad. Rudolph will put two feet into Menow's bed and let him clean his face. Sometimes, they lay in the bed together.
How could someone take him to animal control? He's a purebred Burmese, but who cares? When we took him to the vet, they said his teeth were in such bad shape he needed to come in and have them pulled, hence the two teeth. He felt so much better after that, he started eating dry food and tormenting Taffy. He has trouble not falling off the couch since he can't hang on, but that doesn't stop him from coming to sit on your chest and snuggle. But, then he gets this evil little gleam in his eye...
Hmm- mm. They think I'm a decrepit old man, but I've got them right where I want them. I've got the "pitiful" look down pat, and it works every time. I keep messing up though because I just can't resist going after that torti. Yeah, she's got claws, but I've got attitude! I've put that silly girl on the run, and I just love to see her dash across the floor and scoot up that cat tree. If I had my claws, she'd never get away! I've got to be careful, though, because if they think I'm being mean, it will ruin all that special attention I'm getting. I've got one of them fooled completely, but the other, well, she's beginning to see through my disguise. I'm going to have go "secret squirrel" in my quest to win dominance over that fat torti. Oh, oh, someone's coming. Let me get in my heated bed and look weak and cold. They are so gullible.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rudolph: Our First Rescue

He came right before Christmas, hence the name. He had been at animal control since August living in a small cage, wondering, I'm sure, if this was what the rest of his life would be like. Now, picture this young boy dashing madly from room to room, careening around corners, jumping for the furniture, missing, and never missing a beat! If happiness can be seen in behavior, then Rudolph is joy in action. He "helps" you do everything from cleaning litter boxes, to fixing food, to caring for other kitties, to... well, you get the idea: Rudolph is involved. I was trying to take a picture the other day of another foster, and Rudolph was climbing all over my head, kissing me in the face, flopping over in front of me, dragging himself up my leg. He adores other cats, loves every toy he sees, claims all furniture and cat trees for himself (but is willing to share), and follows you around like a dog. We keep trying to put some weight on him, but he has a lesson for us all: exercise keeps you slim and trim! One thing is a little puzzling: he is terrified of men. When a man comes in, he hides, and believe me, this is not like Rudolph. We wonder what happened to create this fear...
Hi, I'm Rudolph! My story may not have had a happy beginning, but it's got a great ending! I was abandoned at a kill shelter, and I don't know why. I lived there for what seemed like an eternity, but life is good, good, good! There are all kinds of other kitties here to play with, well, sometimes they don't want to play with me, but I keep trying! There were two kittens here, and oh my! What fun we had! They're gone now, but surely they'll be back. We have these rug things in here, and let me tell you, they are the very best sleds ever! You can slide clear across the room. Oh, and there's this house thing that if I run really fast and dive through the door, it will go scooting across the floor with me in it! How cool is that? My mamas say I'm busy, but I just have a lot of lost time to make up for. There are things to explore, cats to aggravate, people to love, food to eat and eat and eat, birds to watch, toys to play with, and a great big world just waiting for me! While I wait for my forever family, I'm a happy, happy boy!