Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poor Angus! What people do to cats is amazing - amazingly cruel! Angus is a beautiful red tabby Maine Coon with long fur and huge eyes that watch you all the time. He is very shy, and when we got him, he hid for over two weeks. He wouldn't eat and lost weight. We called his previous owners, but they were uninterested in any problems he was having. He was a heartbroken guy. Did I mention that Angus is eleven years old, has a small heart murmur, and has only ever been in that one home? When we got him from animal control, he was so traumatized we were afraid he would get sick. You can imagine how relieved we were when one day he eased carefully out from behind the couch, approached timidly with eyes glued to my face, and rubbed on my hands! Since then, he has slowly started to trust again. He gained a half pound in a week, and he interacts with the other cats now. Rudolph of course bugs him trying to get him to play. Cookie ignores him, Taffy struts by him with her little nose in the air, and Menow pretends he doesn't exist. We have high hopes that someone will see Angus and fall in love with him and give him a truly forever home! As for Angus, well, he keeps his own counsel...
When people meet me, they always think that because I'm so big I must be brave. Why does everyone want me to be the baddest boy on the block? Haven't they ever heard of the cowardly lion? Well, he's my cousin. It runs in the family. When my family dumped me at animal control, I thought it was all over, and to be honest, I almost wished it was! I was so scared with dogs barking, strange people everywhere, and no one to hold me and tell me I was safe. Horrible! Then I came here, and while it was much better, I was still scared. All these strange cats that do strange things! There's that "thing" called Rudolph that whizzes all over the place, leaps from couch to chair to cat tree, and just about everytime, splats on the floor when he misses. You'd think he'd learn, but not him. There he goes again. Then there's that stuck up Menow. He guards that heated bed like it's his throne. Who made him king? Just because he has no claws and no teeth, they treat him like he's gold. I guess you have to get really old to get a little respect around here. They don't see how he is when they're gone. Now, Taffy is a fine little torti, and I know she likes me. She always manages to strut close by me when she could go clear across the room. She thinks I don't notice. Cookie is an okay guy. He don't bother nobody, but that fur of his! What is he thinking? I just can't imagine who they're going to drag in here next. Maybe what this really is is a home for wayward cats. Hmm-mm. What does that say about me? I have to say things are getting better. It's not so scary here, and I get lots of rubs and kisses, but I just wonder if anybody will ever want an older guy for their forever friend?

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