Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mama Cats are NOT to be Messed With!

"Dear God in Heaven, what was that?"
"Poor Astro! You have blood on your ear!"
"Something just rolled me across the floor and under the scratching post! That hurt! I heard one of the Mom People scream, but what happened? I never saw a thing! I was walking over to jump up on the cat tree and look out the window, and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back and something was biting me. It moved so fast, I never even I got a chance to see it! We need to tell the Mom People that there is something bad in here, and it's after us."
"Astro, you just got rolled by a cat less than half your size."
"No way, George! That was no cat! That was a chain saw of some sort. Look at my ear! You don't know what you're talking about. A cat! That's ridiculous!"
"I'm afraid George is right, Astro. That was not just any cat. That was a MAMA CAT! They are hell on paws when they think you might be gonna hurt their babies!"
"Babies? What babies? I've never seen babies! I tell you, that was not a cat. There's something evil in this house. It was way bigger than me! I slid all the way across the floor. A cat. That's ridiculous."
"Don't you know, Astro, that in that bathroom is a Mama Cat and her babies. She looked out the door, saw you, and before that Mom Person could get the door closed, you were rolling across the floor. Look! Is that some of your fur over there?"
"Oh, no! It IS my fur! Look, quick, quick! Do I have a bald spott? Taffy, stop sniggering. Next time, it might be you!"
"Astro, you'll live. Look! The bathroom door is opening!"
"GET out of my way, Taffy! I'm outta here! Run, run! Run for your lives! The door is opening! Move, move, she might come out! Oh no! It's a Mama Kitty! Run!"

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