Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things are Getting Crazy Around Here!

"Cosmo, come quick! Look at this! Can you believe it? Menow has a bassinet! Is that not the most disgusting thing you have ever seen?"
"Look at him sitting in there looking all sweet and innocent. I can't believe they got him a bassinet. He's old! That's supposed to be for babies. They should put those creepy rat-like kittens in the bassinet, not him. I agree, Astro. This place is getting weird. I was so relieved when we first got here out of that scary shelter, but I don't know about this. What are they gonna drag in here next, A DOG?"
"Okay, guys, the day they bring in a dog in here, me and Henry are packing our bags and catching the kitty express outta here! I know all you guys are a little freaked out by the kittens, but they're not so bad. They're pretty clueless and silly, and just think, we can all help them grow up the right way. Course you gotta watch out for those Mama Kitties. They can be pretty tough customers no matter how little and dainty they look. Mamas are mean felines!"
"George, you know so much, but them kittens are freakin' me out! They're so little and they sound just like rats. I so wanted rats! Now, that woulda been so cool! I was having dreams about chasing them rats, but you're telling me that those Mama Kitties are going slap us all silly if we mess with them kittens. What fun is that?"
"Rudolph, if you chase a kitten, there won't be enough of you to scrape up off the floor and put in Menow's bassinet. By the way, look over there at him now. He got his strait jacket off and he's looking all innocent. I know that one Mom Person calls it a "sweater" but it's a strait jacket, and a good thing too. The less he can move around, the better for us all!"
"Okay, here they come! Everybody get in their place and look "cat-like." We don't want to give away our secrets. Quick, Taffy! Get on your pillow! Menow, get your pitiful thing going. Cosmo, Astro, go hide. Me and Henry are going to be right here, looking just like .....cats!"

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