Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They're Everywhere! Somebody Save Us!

"Okay, this has gone too far. They're everywhere! Kittens in the bathroom - both bathrooms now, and they say they have even more. What in the world are they thinking? All these Mama Cats with babies! We are NOT a home for wayward kitties!"
"Taffy, you're just jealous because these are some hot Mamas! Macie and Hayley and that babe they brought in today - mmm -mmm! Somebody called her a "Siamese" whatever that is. All I know is that she is one pretty girl!"
"Rudolph, you disgust me! You are just looking for a pretty face! That Siamese momma would whip your behind in a flash. You better not look at her babies! Remember what happened to Astro!"
"Yeah, Rudolph! Don't think it can't happen to you! I was walking across the floor minding my own business, and the next thing I knew, I was rolling on the floor and something was ripping out my fur! Watch out for those Momma Cats no matter how pretty they are. They are not nice."
"Okay, gang, here it is. We've got Macie in there with her six rats. Hayley's in there with her three rats, and now there's Siamese Momma with her three tiny rats. Did I hear someone say they're two bigger kittens about 5 months old?"
"Yeah, George, there are two more of those "Siamese" things, but they're not rats. They might make good playmates. "
"Henry, you should be more mature than to want to play with kittens. Remember, we have to set an example for all these cats and kittens. They depend on us. Except Menow who thinks he's better than the rest of us. Look at him over there in his "throne." Ridiculous."
"Okay, anyway, as I was saying, let's check out some of Macie's babies. I think their eyes are opened now, so maybe they look better."
"Do you think anybody will ever want us? I mean, with all these kittens, will anybody ever want to take us home with them? We were kittens once, too. When is it our turn?"
"Taffy, one day someone will see you and fall in love with your silky fur and sweet nature, and you'll have a home all your own. I promise, one day it will happen. It will happen for all of us someday. We just have to keep our paws crossed and hearts ready. Let's check out the kittens."

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